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Laser skin rejuvenation/rejuvenation

Laser systems used for skin rejuvenation provide a younger skin by creating heat in the skin, renewing and strengthening the collagen bundles, creating new collagen, improving the skin, providing shine, smoothness, and reduction in wrinkles.

Success in a single session is usually not enough, and sometimes several sessions may be necessary. Sessions can be done at intervals of 4-8 weeks.

Although the sessions are not painful, intense redness of the skin, sometimes swelling (edema), and burning sensation may last for a few days after the session. This time varies depending on the depth of the operation.

As with almost every procedure done with laser, sun protection is very important. To prevent stain formation, sunscreen products should be used every 2-3 hours and moistened frequently to prevent drying.

Depending on the intensity of the laser skin rejuvenation process, peeling can be seen for up to 1 week as it creates a peeling effect on the skin. It is not recommended to do it in summer due to the risk of ineffective sun protection.

The process takes around 30-40 minutes, but aftercare is very important.