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Laser nail fungus treatment

Why is laser used in the treatment of nail fungus?

In order to effectively treat nail fungus, oral antifungal pills must be used.

However, mushroom pills should be used by following the liver function tests very carefully. Oral antifungal treatment is contraindicated in patients with impaired liver function tests. For this reason, it has become widespread in recent years to treat nail fungus with laser treatment without using oral antifungal pills.

Which type of laser is used to treat nail fungus?

Nail fungus treatment is done with a short wavelength ndYAG laser.

How to treat nail fungus with laser?

In this treatment, the goal is to heat all nails up to 39-42 degrees.

For this purpose, although it varies according to the patient, 0.5ms pulse, 4-5 Herz, 18-24joule doses of laser are applied at the beginning of the session. The treatment is continued until clean nail growth is seen at the bottom of the nail.