Laser genital area aesthetics or vagina tightening

With advancing age, there is a loosening in all tissues.

A similar change is also experienced in the vagina, where collagen fibers are very dense. Loosening and enlargement in the vaginal region is more common in women who have given birth, but may also occur due to genetic structure and aging.

This relaxation in the vaginal area can also cause sudden urinary incontinence from time to time, especially when coughing or laughing. At the same time, it can cause deterioration in sexual functions and dissatisfaction in sexual life.

In women who have sagging and loosening problems, the complaints gradually increase as age progresses and especially after menopause, and sometimes it may result in the uterus protruding completely out of the vagina. This condition, called vaginal prolapse, is a very difficult condition and requires treatment.

Loose vagina is a very serious and important problem for today’s modern woman. In addition, even if not always, unexpected urinary incontinence complaints both cause social discomfort and cause the woman to worry about the future.

With the developing laser technology, it has become possible to treat such complaints.


Vaginal tightening is the process of photothermal tightening of the vaginal canal with Laser technology, without any incisions, without stitches, without surgery. The vaginal canal is entered with a probe and the entire vaginal canal is scanned with a 360-degree laser. The laser light stimulates the synthesis of collagen throughout the entire vaginal canal, thereby tightening and narrowing the vaginal canal.

Clinical studies have shown that laser vaginal tightening is effective, easy and safe.


Vaginal tightening with laser can be applied to any woman who has loosening in the vaginal canal, which is called vaginal relaxation. This situation, which is mostly seen in women who have given birth, may develop due to genetic structure or aging.

With the effect of the treatment, the vaginal canal becomes narrower and tighter. This process also eliminates the problem of urinary incontinence.

The patient stands up immediately after the application and returns to his normal daily life.

Vaginal tightening with laser is a painless, safe, side-effect-free, easily tolerated and effective treatment.


The tightening of the vaginal canal creates a very positive change in the sexual lives of patients. The person’s self-confidence increases in sexual life. Women who are more recessive in sexual life, especially aware of the enlarged vaginal canal after childbirth and who think that they cannot make their partner happy; After such a comfortable treatment in one session, there is a real revolution in their sexual life. As the patients become more active in sexual life, the pleasure they and their partners get from sexual life increases. Laser vaginal tightening; At the same time, if patients have urinary incontinence problems, then they will be resolved with the same treatment. In other words, laser vaginal tightening is an extremely effective method offered by technology.

As a result, vaginal tightening with laser

no anesthesia required


done in 25-30 minutes

long lasting effect

It is a very effective treatment method that also treats vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence problems.