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Laser epilation (diode laser, alexandrite laser)

What is the mechanism of action of laser systems?

The aim of laser systems is not to damage the surrounding skin while causing permanent damage to the hair root. Laser energy reaches the hair root under the skin. Color cells (pigment) in the hair root absorb the laser energy. The laser energy concentrated here burns the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin and tissue. The damaged hair most likely does not grow back. Laser epilation is also very effective in the treatment of ingrown hairs.
Some of the burned hairs fall out immediately, while others are removed from the skin within 2-3 weeks. Unlike electric epilation, which is applied to individual hairs, dozens of hairs are burned with each energy pulse. Thus, large areas such as the back, shoulders, arms, legs and face can be treated in a short time. Sensitive areas such as nipples, upper lip and bikini line can be treated.
According to the skin and hair type and color, as well as the application area, the patient’s expectations will be discussed with the physician, a decision will be made about which of the methods suitable for you, Hybrid Diode or Alexandrite laser types, will be applied and a program will be created.

Will the hairs disappear completely in the laser treated area after the treatment?

In laser applications, 15-20% of the hairs in the applied area are expected to disappear permanently or for a long time. After the completion of the sessions in the laser applied area, 70-90% reduction in the amount of hair occurs in many patients, and the colors and thickness of the remaining hairs decrease. However, it should not be expected to be completely hairless in a human being as a living organism.
Treatment efficacy should be evaluated within 6 months of completion of treatment sessions. The hairs that will grow back will be evident within 6 months.

What factors does the number of sessions depend on?

Hair color (light hair requires more sessions)

Ethnicity and genetics (dark-skinned people require more sessions).

Hormone status

treated area

Feather density


Weight (excess weight increases hair growth)

Medications (eg Dilantin and cyclosporine can increase hair growth)

Suggestions before laser treatment:

Do not use wax, wax, tweezers, needle epilation and epilation devices!
Since laser energy is effective on active hairs, waxing, waxing, tweezers, needle epilation and epilation devices should not be used 2-4 weeks before. These methods remove the hair root where the laser will be effective.

Tanning should be avoided!
Diode laser can be applied to dark skins, but 2 weeks before the treatment, if possible, 6 weeks before the sunbathing, solarium and tanning creams should not be applied. There may be undesirable burns and color changes. In addition, the efficiency of the laser decreases. It is best to remove hair without irritation the day before the diode laser application. Hair removal on the day of treatment or just before the laser can sensitize the skin.

Hair should be removed before laser treatment. If the hair is not removed, the remaining hair on the skin will burn and cause pain, and by absorbing the laser energy, it prevents sufficient energy to go to the hair root, thus reducing the effectiveness of the laser.

Do not apply make-up to the application area, do not spray perfume. Make-up absorbs laser energy, causing less energy to reach the hair follicle and reducing its effectiveness. It can also increase the laser heat on the skin and cause irritation or burns on the skin.
If your pain threshold is low, it may be appropriate to take painkillers 2 hours before the procedure. In addition, since some women are more sensitive to pain during menstruation, the application may not be applied before and during menstruation.

How often is laser hair removal done, how long do the sessions last?

Laser applications should be done every 4 weeks on average. This period is necessary for the pigment of the hair follicles to be sufficient. It should not be earlier than 4 weeks and not later than 12 weeks.

While the duration of the session is a few minutes in areas such as the upper lip, it can last from half to an hour in large areas such as the whole leg and back.

Recommendations after laser treatment:

Post-laser redness usually regresses within hours. Some skins are sensitive and may feel dry after the procedure. In this case, a humidifier can be used.

Do not sunbathe for a week or two after treatment. There may be blemishes. Use sunscreen with a factor of at least 30 for about 4 weeks. Even indirect sun exposure can affect it. If you wipe the cream as a result of sweating, do not forget to reapply it.

After the laser, the hairs in the hair follicles may grow within 1 or 2 weeks after the treatment.

Between sessions, methods such as waxing, sirloin wax, tweezers and threading should not be used. Because they reduce the effect of the next laser session.

Post-laser blistering and crusting is rare and regresses within a few days to a week. An antibiotic cream can be applied frequently. Consult your doctor without trying to remove the scabs in your hands.

Do not apply cologne or irritating cosmetics after laser application.

Future Technology in Laser Hair Removal – Hybrid Diode MeDioStar NeXT

Hybrid technology that can simultaneously send the two most effective and safe wavelengths (800 nm – 950 nm) for the hair follicle in epilation.

The fastest diode laser (SPM) with a pulse rate of 12 Hz per second,

Painless and very fast epilation with SPM,

Effective on fine and light colored hairs with the burst mode,

Minimum 15 000 000 shots guaranteed,

100% German technology, including engineering, spare parts, production and software,

300g handpiece weight and aluminum peltier cooling integrated in the head,

Epilation, acne and vascular treatment possibility,

Customer files, before and after pictures and video recording on the 8.4 inch color LCD screen with the computer integrated into the device.

Effective, fast and painless application on all skin types and all hair types