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Laser capillary therapy

Capillary problem is a common health problem affecting the society. While it mostly affects women, it is also seen on the cheeks and nose edges, especially on the legs.

How is it formed?

The percentage is usually in light-skinned individuals;

genetic predisposition,

After sun damage,

In rheumatic diseases,

with alcohol use,

with rosacea

With drug use (estrogen, cortisone, ca channel blocker)

in the legs; genetic background, excessive standing, sitting, pregnancy are facilitating factors.

What is done in the treatment?

Ice, electrical surgery, and some types of lasers that have been used before have not been successful. Currently the most successful and most used laser Nd Yag laser1064: It is the most effective laser especially in deeply located leg veins.

What awaits the patient during and after the treatment?

The procedure takes 30-45 minutes. After that, he can easily continue his work and social life.

How Many Sessions Are?

Vascular cracks called spider hemangioma can be treated in a single session. The edge of the nose, the veins of the face and the veins of the legs need an average of 3 sessions.

What Should Be Considered After Treatment?

The creams given by the doctor should be used on the laser area.

Especially open areas such as the face should be creamed with sunscreen creams 3 times a day.

Legs should be rested after the procedure, exercise should not be done. If necessary, compression stockings should be worn for 2 days.