Is your skin ready for the holidays?

It’s time for the long-awaited vacation all year. Skin health is often neglected while making preparations such as booking a holiday destination and choosing summer clothes. However, with a few small precautions to be taken before going on vacation, the skin can become stronger against the negative effects of the summer season.

Green leafy vegetables maintain the moisture balance of the skin

For a perfect complexion, the food consumed is as important as the skin care products and the treatments applied. The first rule to maintain moisture balance and have a smooth skin is to pay attention to proper nutrition. For a healthy skin; Eating a diet rich in vitamins, consuming fresh vegetables and fruits, consuming green leafy vegetables and taking vitamins A, C and E in support of all these will help you look more beautiful and healthy on vacation. In addition to beneficial foods for the skin, water consumption is also very important. Adequate amount of water should be consumed daily to maintain the moisture balance of the skin.

Moisturizer, sunscreen by skin type

It is harmful to see direct sun between 11:00 and 15:00 for every skin type. The skin, which is exposed to the sun for a long time during these hours, dries out, wears out and ages prematurely. If going out, creams or lotions suitable for the skin type and containing sun protection factor should be used. People with a light color type should prefer products with a high sun protection factor. For example; It is appropriate to use sunscreen with SPF 50 for blondes or redheads, SPF 30 for brunettes and SPF 15-20 for brunettes. Sunscreen creams should be applied 20 minutes before going out and should be renewed every 2-3 hours.

To keep your lips dry…

Lips dry out and crack due to the sea and sun during the summer period. When exposed to the sun for a long time, thickening, cracking, non-healing wounds and crusting may occur in certain areas of the lip, called ‘actinic cheilitis’. This condition, which becomes chronic over time, can progress to cancer if no precautions are taken. In order to have healthy and beautiful-looking lips, it is necessary to moisturize frequently with moisturizers containing ceramide and urea, and to use sunscreen creams with at least SPF 15.

A post-shower moisturizer is essential.

Using body moisturizers is important for the skin. Using a moisturizer after a shower should be a habit, not a choice. Using body moisturizers after the shower will both relax you after the shower and provide the care your skin needs. When using body moisturizers, products suitable for your skin type should be preferred.

Healthy look with Vaseline on the feet

With correct and regular applications, the feet can also look healthy and flawless. Feet must be dried after washing; because keeping it moist can cause bacteria formation. Feet, especially heels; It can be softened with salicylic acid-containing pomades and moistened with urea-containing creams. For the hardened soles of the feet, rasping gently with a pumice stone once a week will help to clean the dead skin that has formed over time and to prevent calluses. Frequent application of Vaseline to the feet makes the skin of the feet look soft and healthy.

Special care for hair

Special care is required to prevent the hair from being damaged during the holiday. With special hair care treatments and masks that will be recommended according to the needs of the hair, wear of the hair can be prevented and the damaged hair can be brought back to life. For dry hair types, the hair can be moisturized with special plant oils beforehand. Mesotherapy can also be applied to make the hair look healthier. Mesotherapy ensures that the skin and hair get the minerals they need. Thus, the hair can reach a much healthier appearance.