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Is thread facelift a new botox or filler?

It is possible to reach the result with 1 to 3 pairs of rope.

This method, which is applied to redefine the face, restore the volume by recovering the sagging, and reduce the wrinkled appearance, the effect is seen as soon as the procedure is applied and it gets better over time.

Threads are placed in a 30-minute process and the results last up to 18 months.

Threads made of polylactic acid and cones attached to them are applied to the deep parts of the skin.

This substance stimulates collagen production and provides a natural stimulation in the body.

When women first applied botulinum toxin to get rid of wrinkles on their faces and paid for it, this situation was considered strange and ridiculed by the society.

Just two decades ago, in 2002, when the botox application was approved by the USA for other applications, the criticism continued. Today, however, botox application has become an important anti-aging care and is routinely applied in a large male and female population, starting from the most famous names in all developed and developing countries of the world, and extending to low-income people.

This new application is as important and a great treatment as botox was seven years ago.

Lifting sagging areas of the face and rejuvenating the skin : These threads have been produced to meet this dual need. On the one hand, the sagging areas of the skin are lifted again with cones, while on the other hand, the collagen production is stimulated again with the feature of the threads and the skin is tightened.

After the rope is placed, a slight pressure is applied to the application area and the hanging and lifting process takes place in that area instantly. In this way, the doctor reshapes the skin surface and makes it visibly smooth. Then, over time, the regeneration and tightening of the skin is stimulated by the stimulating effect of the inner thread on collagen production.

The most important difference of these threads is the ability to achieve an effective and natural result with just a few double threads. Again, the difference from other threads known as spider web applied to the face is that 60-100 sewing threads are not applied to the face, on the contrary, a few pairs of threads are sufficient. Secondly, the material of the rope stimulates collagen production more. Results are immediate compared to other threads. Its biggest advantage is to give the desired shape to the face instantly with very few threads and to continue the regeneration effect for up to 18 months.

It is possible to achieve a stylish look with a 30-minute process and providing the right tension. When applied to the cheeks, it provides a natural volume that is not too much, it does not make puffy faces like a balloon.

Its regenerative effect is a gradual and natural process: Polylactic acid (PLA) is the main component of threads, PLA substance has been used safely for years (in Cardiovascular Surgery and brain surgeries). Polylactic acid stimulates the skin to produce its own collagen. This process, which progresses gradually and over time, helps to increase the volume of the sagging areas and gradually contributes to the formation of the perfect natural face shape. At the end of 18 months, the thread melts completely. While the rope has an instant lifting effect, its regeneration stimulating effect is permanent.

(Specialist Dr. Nezih Karaca is one of the first people in Turkey to start applying rope hanging with the “3 point technique”).