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Is there room for miracles in preventing aging?


Device investment in the world is made in very high amounts in every field from mobile phones to health. However, the health sector has to be more selective in this regard. For this reason, a new device cannot be released every year. Because the exact effects of a new device or product on the human body are revealed in an average of 10 years. In this case, we should focus more on developments in the field of aesthetic medicine.
The physiology and anatomy of the skin are well known. Now even the simplest creams use nano-technology for better penetration of the product into the skin. All procedures with or without needles applied to the skin should be performed by experienced, ethical doctors.

The truth underlying the skin; It is the tendency of skin cells to shed every day, to produce new ones and to multiply constantly. Quality production and the speed of production unfortunately decrease after a certain age. Therefore, we must trigger our skin and its production. Why do men’s faces droop later than women of their age? Because men shave every day! That is, they stimulate their cells. If you don’t stimulate your skin, it will age.

Is there room for miracles in skin care and anti-aging?

The definition that is fully compatible with “anti-aging”, which is the subject of much discussion and which is in our language, is “anti-aging”. The physiology of the skin and thus the body’s aging, the frequency and performance of combating diseases, the fight against new viruses, the old but deep-rooted diseases (diabetes, chronic heart diseases, liver and kidney diseases) can be completely eliminated with genetic rearrangements, stem cell studies and advanced organ transplantation techniques. abolition is the unchanging agenda of medicine.

For a younger look, healthier and longer life, it may be time to connect more firmly to the classical information that has been emphasized for years. In the very near future, scientists say, the average lifespan will be 100 years.

The principle in skin health is to maintain the vitality of cells more, accelerate the slowing production cycle and trigger the regeneration of cells. The skin cells are so numerous and productive that for this reason, creams applied externally in the treatment of this organ can be absorbed and even mixed into the systemic circulation, that is, they can work as if they were taken orally. For this reason, the products applied should also be carefully examined. However, a very important fact is that such productive cells can also be extremely sensitive to radiation (including ultraviolet rays) or adverse environmental conditions. In the light of this information, it is possible to keep the skin healthy and young with many medical techniques and preventive measures.

Which methods are reliable in preventing aging? How do we know it’s reliable?

Since our subject is aesthetic medicine, I think botox injection, which is the most applied method in scientific articles that do not fall off the agenda, is a topic that can be talked about reliability.

It has been 15 years since it started to be used in the removal of wrinkles thanks to its muscle relaxant feature. However, since it was a drug that used to have a place in the treatment of some other diseases, there is no longer any problem about its side effects. It may be useful to be a little more conservative with new botulinum toxin types and brands, because they have little history and little experience, so it is not known whether they have long-term side effects.

The important criterion for the reliability of a method used is what is the mechanism of action of this drug or method, so what is its place and acceptability in the human body, and how is it excreted from the body? If you have a good command of the drug and its effects in these matters, there is no problem. In addition, some certification bodies support its reliability. For example, the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) is an important center recognized in the USA. The fact that it is approved here also supports its reliability.

With all these applications, chemicals are ultimately sent to the skin. How do we know they won’t be badly effective over time?

As I just mentioned, the content of the substances, their interaction with the body and the skin, their excretion, what is the damage rate, how long they have been applied are all criteria.

Here, too, filling wrinkles and scars on the skin with striking example hyaluronic acid fillers can be discussed. For example, this substance is already present in our skin, in the joint space, in the whites of the eyes, etc. Obtaining it by chemical means is essential to ensure that it is hygienic and free from bacteria – germs. However, it is necessary to know what these chemicals are.

So much so that a technology that prolongs the life of some hyaluronic acid fillers can be very allergic to the skin, cause accumulations on the skin, and cause non-standard results that vary from person to person. Therefore, product information, its place in the literature, usage times and experiences are very important in this regard.

A new substance or “x” technique is out, it has an immediate tightening effect on your skin, and they said it’s just a cream, what should we do, should we believe it right away?

Although, as in every field, the products obtained with nano technology can go down to the productive layer of the skin, but the creams produced with this technology are also in a structure that can have positive effects in a very long time and together with other supportive treatments. Instant tightening products are creams that can feel numb on the skin for 6-8 hours and can feel slightly stretched, otherwise unthinkable.

Because the physiology of aging is certain, the effect of sun or ultraviolet rays or the effect of gravity on the skin, the world’s pollution is obvious, it is like science fiction.

But maybe one day, when our skin is given our own robust and productive stem cells, our skin will be restructured and repaired over a period of time. Stem cell studies continue for this miracle.