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Is laser hair removal helpful or harmful?

Unwanted hair in both men and women can cause ingrown hairs, hair root inflammations as well as cosmetic problems and affect the quality of life negatively. The laser lights used as a solution to these problems target the hair follicle and permanently destroy it. Thus, there is a 10-20% reduction in the number of hairs in each session.

The laser devices used today, especially the Diode, which can be used even on all skin colors and thin hair, offer a fast, comfortable and safe technology with a very high success rate.

As for the question of whether laser is harmful, the laser light beam reaches a maximum depth of 4-5 mm under the skin, that is, it cannot reach the subcutaneous layers. Therefore, it is unlikely to cause infertility or ovarian cancer. It does not harm the lymph nodes. It does not cause breast diseases, the laser tool does not emit radiation.

Another concern is whether hair removal causes problems in our physiology. Hair color, number and structure are variable according to races. Some breeds have almost no hair. The destruction of hair does not cause health problems, on the contrary, it increases self-confidence and quality of life. It saves time in your daily life.

However, we should also remember that; It is not right to do lasers in beauty salons and hairdressers, and it is not legal either. Doctor clinics should be preferred for laser.