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Is laser hair removal done by a specialist doctor harmful?

~~Laser hair removal method has been on the agenda of both women and men lately. No one knows under what conditions this application should be made. It is up to the physicians to correct the wrongs that are known to be true. Whether we accept it or not, we now live in the “image world”. Our keyword is “beauty”. People have been after him for thousands of years. Because beauty has no end. Everything done for this cause is permissible! This is why we encounter another beauty center at every corner. Undoubtedly, laser hair removal is one of the most popular applications of men and women to look a little better lately. But those who have it done and those who intend to have it are confused: “Is it really healthy?” If you look at the websites and posters of beauty centers, this method is very healthy, a definite result. No pain, no pain. Of course, it is not right to simplify the hair and feather business that has been keeping people busy for centuries. We asked experienced dermatologists whether laser epilation harms our body and under what conditions we can benefit from this method. On this occasion, we learned many wrongs that we knew were right…


Before going into the details of the laser epilation method, it is essential to know the functions of visible or invisible hair on our body. In fact, if we consider our eyebrows, eyelashes and hair, they are a part of our beauty and aesthetics. Mostly epilated hairs help balance our body temperature. During the cold, the muscles called piloerector at the bottom of the hairs contract and lift the hairs. Thus, a slight increase in the amount of heat in our body is observed. Of course, hairs can also invite diseases from time to time. Such as bacteria, bad odor, fungus and hair follicle infections. According to experts, hairs in areas at risk of disease can do more harm than good.

Hair is one of the important aesthetic concerns of men and women. To get rid of this, different methods such as waxing, shaving and chemical exfoliants are tried. But whichever one is preferred, it does not offer a permanent solution. Therefore, 70-80% permanence factor seems to be effective behind the fact that laser epilation is especially preferred today. So, is this method really healthy? What kind of process is applied to our body during epilation?

When most of us were young, we burned a piece of paper by holding a lens or watch glass to the sun. The process of the laser is actually similar to this. The light that comes to the skin in parallel bundles focuses on a point and creates a heat effect. The heat damages the hair-producing cells. This is called the photothermal effect. The procedure is used to burst the melanin pigment in the hair root. It does not harm the surrounding tissue. Dermatologist Leyla Ertenü from Sema Hospital states that no method can be performed without damage and says that some cell death will not cause any problems in the future for the human body, which consists of trillions of cells. Because in root removal methods such as waxing, waxing, and tweezers, cells die due to severe pulling, fluid can accumulate in the tissue, and infection risk arises when done in inappropriate environments. Moreover, all this does not happen once or a few times, but on average every month.

It is known among the people that laser light causes cancer. Dermatologist Ayfer Aydın from Memorial Hospital corrects this misinformation: “If laser light causes cancer, would it be used this much all over the world? There is always ‘something’ the laser is aiming at. This light beam is also used in eye, urology, prostate, rejuvenation, spot and varicose treatment, heart surgeries. The light you use in epilation does not work in urology. It means that the laser works in accordance with its target. During epilation, the laser does not reach anywhere outside the hair root, it does not harm it at all.”

Laser has been used frequently in dermatology and other medical fields since 1960. The FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) approves this method and does not see any harm in using it. Dr. Leyla Ertenü said, “If the laser had caused any harm to the body, it would have been revealed within 48 years. This time is sufficient for the tissue change in the applied area to be observed.” says.

Laser hair removal method, which has been applied in Europe and America for years, is not as popular as in Turkey. However, this does not mean that “laser is harmful”. Privacy concerns reduce the percentage of preference for this method in Muslim countries. It is not desired to exceed the limits of privacy for reasons other than health. Dr. Ayfer Aydın says that her perspective on body hair varies from country to country: “Muslim women, in particular, attach great importance to cleaning their genitals. Turkish people are also very sensitive about this issue. Others are not bothered by their hair actually. He sees them as a part of their body, he does not look for anything by thinking ‘how can I destroy it’. Differences in usage rates stem from this detail.”

The laser epilation method is introduced in beauty centers as “perfect, one hundred percent permanent, painless”. Dermatologists give the success rate as 70-80%. He says it is “debatable” for its permanence. Because the body is a dynamic structure. There are many hair-forming cells. For example, invisible quince feathers. They can thicken and turn into hair due to hormonal problems, medications or cysts. Laser epilation does not have any preventive effect. Sometimes the heat given to the melanin pigment can trigger hair formation and increase it.

Permanence in laser hair removal varies from person to person. The best response areas are the underarm area. Because the hairs here are thicker and rooted than on the arms and cheeks. Since the laser light is programmed to attract dark pigments, the application gives effective results. Although some of the cells that are killed within 5-10 years are revived, there is no complete recovery. Laser hair removal is also not a completely painless method as mentioned. During the procedure, a pain similar to pulling the hairs with tweezers is felt. Since some parts of the body are more sensitive, the pain may increase even more. The laser is used with the heatsink. Thus, there is no pain due to the heating of the skin, and the upper part of the skin is protected.

Laser epilation can be applied to those aged 12-50 years. Only the age limit is not enough to benefit from this method. For example, people with tanned skin, white hair, epilepsy patients and pregnant women cannot be processed. In fact, the rays do not harm the mother or the baby. However, during pregnancy, the rate of pigmentation in the body increases, and spots may appear, especially in and around the eyes. Laser beams can make these spots permanent. Therefore, no expert wants to take such a risk.

There are vital points concerning this modern method, which has proven itself, especially concerning our country. Because epilation, which is not done in competent hands and in suitable environments, brings many problems with it. The laser beam is known to be reliable, but it doesn’t seem right to consider it completely safe. For example, patients must be seen and examined by a dermatologist before applying. Because it is almost impossible for an esthetician or people who have learned to use the device by attending various courses to predict the possible side effects.

The laser looks like an extreme level of sunlight. If the patient is allergic to the sun, allergic reactions may occur after the application. With the effect of laser, moles that can cause cancer can also multiply. Body infections such as herpes can spread rapidly under the influence of heat. Un-disinfected tips also allow many viral microbes to be transmitted from person to person.