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Is it possible to reduce nasal defects with filling?

By filling the appropriate areas with hyaluronic acid, the defects in the nose can be reduced. Filling is indisputably easy when compared to surgery. Therefore, filling is a good option for minor imperfections that can be corrected with filling. However, the corrections that can be made with filling are limited. Corrections that can be made with nose filling are as follows;

– Slight lifting of the tip of the nose,

– Curvatures on the back of the nose can be alleviated,

-Nasal asymmetries can be reduced,

– Gaps on the back of the nose can be filled

– Depressions caused by previous surgeries can be reduced

– A depression between the ridge of the nose and the tip of the nose can be reduced,

– Post-traumatic disorders

Filling application is not surgery. It cannot solve problems such as septum curvature related to your breathing. Nose is not reduced with filling. Filling only fills the gaps in soft tissue.

What is nose filler? How to apply;

Hyaluronic acid, which is used for filling, has been accepted as the gold standard worldwide and is the most tissue compatible filling.

Nose filler application is very easy. It is the process of injecting the filler under the skin. The injection is not very painful, but the pain can be reduced with numbing creams. How much filling will be used during the nose filling process will vary according to the size of your problem. However, the effect becomes apparent as soon as the nose filling is done and the problem disappears. The procedure takes a very short time, you can return to your daily life immediately after the procedure. When the filling is done properly, it is not understood that there is a filling in the nose.

The filling made to the nose is not permanent. Its permanence is about 8-12 months. After this time, it is destroyed by the body spontaneously. The nose is back.

Although hyaluronic acid, which is used as a filler, is a safe substance, it can have undesirable effects such as vascularization, allergy, infection, even if it is small. Filling application is a serious medical application, it should be applied by a specialist doctor.