Is diet the only way to lose weight?

I see that it is impossible for some people to lose weight no matter what they do, even though they have been trying for years, they cannot lose weight and are helpless. It doesn’t just end with calorie-restricted strict diets, as it used to be. In my professional experience, my patients have problems because weight causes dermatological problems in many subjects, especially metabolic syndrome and thyroid diseases.

As holistic medicine became my field of interest, personalized approach and treatment plans became valuable for me. Losing weight primarily targets detox in my treatments. After evaluating the body, which cannot release toxins systemically, according to its bodily structure, I follow up with the ‘Bioresonance Method’. In the Bioresonance System, I make applications to remove the damage caused by sugar, chocolate and wheat products in the body.

Before starting this application, it is necessary to rule out whether the mechanism of weight gain is due to physical or emotional reasons.