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IPL treatments

Dear readers, I gave general information about IPL (intense pulsed light) technology while addressing the applications related to skin rejuvenation processes.

As the name suggests, IPL is a light-based technology like laser. Unlike laser beams, IPL, which is not of a single wavelength but consists of rays in a certain wavelength range, is basically similar to laser and can be used in many areas where laser is used. The most well-known application among these is epilation (I will give more detailed information about this application later).

Unfortunately, many IPL devices in our country are offered as laser devices due to their relatively low cost. Although the use of IPL for epilation may seem more economical than laser epilation at first glance, the situation is different in terms of treatment success. In general, it can be said that faster results and higher success rates are achieved with laser devices in photoepilation. Serious undesirable side effects may occur due to IPL treatment as a result of its relatively easy accessibility by both practitioners and those who request it and improper use. Inappropriate use of IPL devices is responsible for the majority of burns after epilation. Despite all these negativities, IPL treatment is a scientifically proven method for use for photoepilation.

Some IPL devices using special filters are also suitable for use for other medical conditions, thanks to their ability to cause limited damage to the treated tissues. By targeting the melanin pigment that gives color to the skin, freckles, sunspots, some congenital spots, post-pregnancy spots can be successfully treated with different laser technologies as well as with appropriate filtered IPL devices.

Similarly, IPL devices that produce rays at wavelengths to target the rich hemoglobin molecules in blood-containing tissues are also suitable for use as an alternative to laser treatments for medical conditions such as congenital red moles, capillary moles, diffuse redness and rosacea with prominent thin capillary beds.

IPL application is a medical intervention that includes the possibility of some undesirable conditions such as bruising, burns, dark or light colored spots on the skin, raised or pitted scars from the skin level. Your Dermatology or Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery specialist is the right address for choosing the appropriate patient and the right application methods and parameters, planning the treatment process and managing unwanted situations that may occur. I wish you healthy days.