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Insect bites

INSECT lice (INsect bites)

It is a reaction that occurs due to the bite of living things such as bedbugs and fleas, which we call ectoparasites, which we call ectoparasites and sustain their life by sticking to their body.

Traveling, changing home or workplace, pet theme, gardening or gardening, or a different setting outside the home are often present in the story.

It can give symptoms in only one of many people who come into contact with the same environment. It is not a picture due to lack of hygiene.

Patients may not remember the biting event. Although it often affects children, it is also observed in adults.

It makes red bumps at the bite site. With a magnifying glass or dermoscopy, the bite focus is observed in the center. Lesions may be multiple in clusters. It is asymmetrical, accompanied by severe itching. It may be accompanied by burning, throbbing, pain.

In some patients, especially in atopic individuals, which we call a sensitive body, rashes may cause a severe reaction and may be in the form of water-filled bubbles, which we call bullae. Secondary bacterial infection picture can be added.

Diagnosis: There are many diseases that can be considered in the differential diagnosis due to their clinical similarity. Dermatology physician should be consulted for diagnosis with the style of the rash, dermoscopic evaluation and detailed anamnesis, and clinical follow-up should be performed in case of recurrence.

In treatment; Although it is applied according to the severity of the reaction, it is recommended to spray the suspicious areas if the lesion persists for a long time.