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Information and warning to the public

Our health is our most precious treasure. We go to the ophthalmologist when our eyesight is bad, and we go to the dentist when we have a toothache. When it comes to skin, we should go to a dermatologist.

Today, developments in cosmetology have been increasing rapidly in the last 15-20 years, thanks to the ease of access to technology and information services.

On the one hand, access to information is so easy, on the other hand, information pollution occurs due to lack of control and confuses the public. It sometimes makes people dizzy and confused about what to believe and trust among completely contradictory information.

Beauty and the desire to stay young have been the focus of attention of people for centuries, but unfortunately it has been abused a lot.

on websites; A market was created with unrealizable promises, which were promoted as herbal and harmless, and people’s health and money were harmed.

The fact that the sector has a high rate of rent has caused it to be owned by people who do not have experience, education, competence, authority and incompetence.

Physicians were delayed in understanding the seriousness of the incident at first, and as they devoted themselves more to curative services and did not pay enough attention to the protective and curative cosmetic sector, it was up to these incompetent hands. However, when the complications of these procedures started to increase and people knocked on the doors of doctors as victims, then the doctors realized that this caused health problems.

Insufficient information given to the public and inadequate inspections, legal sanctions and regulations have caused herbalists, pharmacists, hairdressers, beauty salons, estheticians, nurses, that is, many healthcare professionals and non-health workers to carry out cosmetic procedures carelessly.

Cosmetic procedures have been made in businesses that do not even have a license, and even at home.

Although centers such as hairdressers, beauty salons and solarium centers are not in the status of medical establishments, they have started to perform many medical applications such as laser, botox, filling, mesotherapy, PRP and so on.

However, dermatologists are experts who have received training in skin anatomy, histology, pathology, diseases, treatment and protection for 4-5 years on top of 6 years of medical school education. Of course, this training is more than enough to understand the problems of the skin and produce scientific solutions.

There are approximately 1500 Dermatology physicians in Turkey.

Dermatology doctors, who are experts in our skin, will know which treatment method should be applied to which skin type, which applications can cause side effects on which skin, and most importantly, how to solve a side effect when a side effect develops.

For this reason, information and applications without proof should not be trusted, such products that are claimed to be herbal for sale on the internet, where it is not known where they are produced, and which do not have approvals such as the Ministry of Health and FDA, and medical procedures should not be performed on unqualified persons.

Entrust your skin to dermatologists who have been trained and trained in this field for so many years.