Indispensable dermatological surgery

This gigantic organ is also our health indicator. It is our organ that serves the most for early diagnosis, where all kinds of changes in our body, even tumoral development, can be observed. Almost every disease has a reflection on the small or large skin. In this sense, the dermatologist’s path often crosses with every specialist physician.

In our changing world, malnutrition (GMO products), overexposure to the sun’s rays, in short, the biggest impact of our polluted world on people is on our whole body, but on our skin.

It is a statistical fact that skin cancers (melanoma, basalioma, etc.) have increased many times today compared to the past. Along with the changing world, the field of work of today’s dermatologist has to change and develop in this field. Because; All kinds of moles on the skin should be followed by dermatologists due to the risk of cancer, and if suspected, surgical intervention should be performed and pathological examination should be performed.

There are many different types of skin cancers among themselves. Every person should know his body well and consult a dermatologist for any color or structural change in the skin. The importance of sunscreens should not be ignored in order to protect the body parts exposed to the sun from harmful rays.

In children and the elderly, this issue requires extra sensitivity. Surgical dermatology, which is considered one of the new departments of dermatology in our country, is far behind many European countries, but it is also spreading rapidly in our country (although there are several practitioners in each city). The profession of medicine is not a profession that is learned and left aside. Along with the terms and conditions of the day, it is essential for the physician to renew and train himself in his own branch. While our colleagues were dealing with leprosy in the past, we can’t even find a trace of this disease today. In addition, we come face to face with new symptoms and diseases that did not exist in the past almost every day due to stress, challenging life pace and polluted environment. In this sense, to see the sub-branches of dermatology in our country as well as in the world, for example; It is my greatest desire on behalf of my country to provide better service to my citizens with my colleagues who are competent in these fields such as immune dermatology, environmental dermatology, general dermatology, infectious dermatology, dermatological surgery.