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In which areas is thread facial rejuvenation applied?

-For all areas where skin quality is desired,

-Generally to gather your face upwards,

– To reduce the sagging of the jaw edges,

-To make the face oval more prominent,

-To fill the line (nasolabial line) that goes down to the lip edges at the edge of the nose,

-To reduce the excess under the chin (jowl),

-To reduce sagging and wrinkles on the neck,

-To raise eyebrows upwards,

-To reduce the lines around the eyes (crow’s feet),

– To reduce sagging under the arm,

– In short, rope can be applied to look younger.


The advantages of thread facial rejuvenation treatments over other treatment methods are as follows;

It is a minimally invasive method. It is applied only with needles without making any incisions on your face. For this reason, it is not very painful and does not leave any traces.

-Easy to apply. The application is very easy as it is applied with appropriate needles after local anesthesia. It takes about 25-30 minutes.

-It is a safe operation. The threads used are non-toxic, absorbable threads in the body. Since it has been used in all areas of surgery for many years, its effects are well known and used safely.

– Less chance of side effects. Although there is a possibility of complications such as bleeding and edema, it resolves spontaneously within 1 week without the need for treatment. Against the possibility of infection, prophylactic antibiotics can be applied in large applications. The possibility of allergy is extremely low, but when it does, it requires removal of the threads and medical treatment.

-Application errors can be easily fixed. Asymmetry, rope coming out, folded trace, collapse that may occur from wrong application can be easily corrected in controls.

-It can be applied to many areas. It can be applied to multiple areas such as body, face and neck.

It can be used in conjunction with other treatments. It can be combined with other cosmetic applications such as botox, filling, prp, peeling.