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In the season of proms and weddings..

April May June…
These months are the time of graduation balls, spring concerts, farewell to winter, hello to summer, and especially weddings. If you think that we look better no matter what we do, think again about the two most practical and most effective cosmetics for rejuvenation; Fillers and Botox!

The places where Botox is most effective are dynamic lines, that is, the moving lines formed as a result of mimics. They usually appear on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes. We make countless gestures throughout the day. Botox restricts facial expressions in a measured way. Thus, it both corrects the appearance and prevents the deepening of the lines.

Botox is very effective especially on the forehead and the lines around the eyes. However, it loses its effect in 3-4 months and needs to be done again. If Botox is done regularly, wrinkles are really reduced and the need for Botox becomes less frequent. For this reason, we apply Botox for preventive purposes to young people who make a lot of facial expressions.

Fillers, on the other hand, are mainly used to plump up the collapsed, contracted, subcutaneous spaces. For example, collapsed cheekbones, cheeks, depression lines extending from the nose to the lips, from the lips to the chin, deformation in the chin and shrinking lips are corrected with fillers. Teens can also benefit from padding. They can improve their face shape, lips, in a balanced way.

The best thing about fillings is that they are durable for a long time. With minor touch-ups, its effect lasts for at least two years. They create great results, especially on the cheeks and lips.

We generally prefer to use Botox around the eyes and Fillers around the cheeks and mouth.

Of course we would like to change or rejuvenate the face, but how? You will remove wrinkles, you will look natural, you will change, you will become younger, and no one will understand what is happening to you. The procedures will be compatible with your personality and lifestyle, your face shape, skeleton, skin type, color, mouth-nose-eye-lip. your lines and the distances between them will preserve their naturalness in all its details.

Admittedly you may need to close things with a different amount of time for each transaction. But after a few days you should just look rested and happy. Believe me, even if that sounds little, it makes such a big difference.

The principle in cosmetic changes is to settle for the least. Of course, if such interventions are started immediately with the first symptoms, it will always be possible to be content with little throughout life.
For example, facial expressions of some young people clearly indicate that crow’s feet will form before they turn thirty, frown eyebrows will become established and marionette lines will deepen. We do Botox at the age of 17-18 to prevent these before they become a problem. Thus, the mimics change and the change becomes permanent. At this age, it is enough to repeat the process only 2-3 times.

The location of the filling is very different, whether it is surgery, thermage or fraxel for tension and fullness.

Filling is directed directly to a specific target. If applied to the right place, at the right dose, at the right depth, it repairs the entire facial contour.

So is Botox. It also processes the essence of the wrinkle mimic and eliminates the problem on the spot.

However, the two are used in different places and complement each other;

Filling is the best treatment for wrinkles around the mouth and cheeks. Botox is the best treatment for lines around the eyes and forehead. If the amount of relaxation-depression has increased, Fraxel laser, surgery or thermage (Radio frequency) can be added to these treatments. We can say that thermage laser is preferred if the patient’s age is young, and fraxel laser is preferred for more mature people. If the surgery is done after Fraxel, it will last much longer..