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Moles are skin-colored, various shades of brown at the skin level or raised from the skin, varying in size, and may be round, oval, or irregular in any part of the body.

The mole examination, on the other hand, is a normal dermatological examination and an examination performed by dermatologists with devices called dermoscopes. Moles diagnosed as “removable mole” as a result of the examination can also be removed by dermatologists.

In what ways do I purchase?

Cryotherapy (freezing method)

PLEXR (Plasma energy)

cautery (cremation)

Reception with surgery

Which treatment method is right for me?

Of course, there are more than one factor in determining the treatment method. The nevus structure of our patient, skin type, location of the nevus in the body can be counted among these. Your dermatologist will decide and take me in the most healthy and comfortable way.

How is the Recovery Process?

The healing process varies according to the type of procedure performed, it may also vary according to the body structure of our patient and the location of the mole. More active areas may have a different recovery time. After the procedures, social life can be continued easily.

You should follow up with yourself first and then with your dermatologist.