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Hydro-reserve for extremely dehydrated skin

Every day, we see new creams on the market that are said to be effective against aging. However, when we use creams, we think that our lines soften and our skin shines, and we become happy. However, we need different methods and products for the healing of the lower layers of our skin, its moisturizing and permanent reduction of wrinkles.

First of all, we should choose the most suitable products for the skin, the most suitable for the age of the skin, and we should never remove the sunscreen from our lives during the day. These are the first and most important measures we can take to protect our skin against aging and negative external factors.

When we know how our skin ages, what can be done automatically emerges. As age progresses, there is a decrease in the jelly-like structure known as the subcutaneous support tissue and serious water loss occurs, there is a decrease in the elastic fibers and collagen fibers of the dermis, and thus wrinkles begin. The dermis is the second layer of the skin, rich in vessels that nourish the skin, and gives the skin fullness and firmness. Unfortunately, over time, the elasticity of these vessels is lost, which leads to deterioration of the nutrition of the skin, collapse of the dermis and deepening of wrinkles.

In line with this information, it can be understood that providing deep moisture to the skin also causes an effect that stimulates the cells and can have an anti-aging effect.

It is applied as hydro-reserve treatment or intradermotherapy (intradermotherapy) all over the world and is increasingly taking its place among the indispensable treatments in anti-aging. When the water reserve of the deep tissue is increased, the productive cells of the skin begin to work more actively. The main task of these cells is to protect the skin against free radicals and aging. With this treatment, the moisture of the skin increases, its defenses are strengthened and it can become more lively. Antioxidation mechanisms of the skin against oxidants work more. As a result, the skin becomes more vulnerable to the effects of aging.

Hydroreserve therapy uses a substance containing 20 mg of hyaluronic acid per milliliter. This substance has a jelly-like structure that already exists as a supporting tissue in our skin. Since it is not of animal origin, it does not have any allergic side effects and does not force the immune system. In addition, since hyaluronic acid has a 500-fold water absorption capacity, a feeling of tightening and freshness may occur in the skin where it is given.

Hydro-reserve treatment can be used from the age of 25-30 when fine lines begin, on dehydrated and dry skin, on skin damaged by the sun or solarium, after peeling or laser-light treatments to gain moisture before and after the sun. The first 3 sessions are performed at intervals of 3-4 weeks and the 4th session is applied after 3-4 months. Subsequent sessions may be for protection purposes at intervals of 6-8 months.