How to treat acne

Radical treatment of acne is possible by cleaning the comedones that form the basis of acne and controlling this excessive oil synthesis. First, the black and white oil buttons and comedones forming the acne floor on the face are cleaned and peeled with a chemical peeling solution suitable for the patient. Then, fat synthesis, red face, facial inflammation and excessive fat synthesis are controlled with Golden Needle Radiofrequency treatment.

The treatment is completed with face wash gels and topical cream treatments that are suitable for each patient and, if necessary, antibiotic therapies.

For acne scar treatment, chemical peeling and gold needle radiofrequency laser treatments are mostly used in combination in our clinic. Thus, both acne and the scars caused by acne are treated together and very effectively.

If acne is due to a disease, treatment approaches for the treatment of the underlying disease will be more accurate. For example, if the patient has PCO-Polycystic Ovary Disease, birth control pills will be very effective in the treatment.

Treatment is not the same for every acne patient.

The treatment is shaped according to the severity of the disease, the type of acne, and whether there are scars with acne or not.



It is a very effective treatment method that gives incredible results in the treatment of acne and deep scars and cavities caused by acne. The fact that there is no peeling on the face of the patient, the use of personalized caps, and the fact that it is performed even in summer makes the gold needle radiofrequency method very superior in acne scar treatment (acne scar treatment).


The main source of acne is black and white dots on the face, that is, comedones. Therefore, the main acne treatment will be by clearing them. After the comedones are removed, the main step of the acne treatment is completed with the appropriate chemical peeling application to be applied to the face. Chemical peeling method is one of the first options in the treatment of acne and acne scars. Chemical peeling; While treating acne and its scars, it both rejuvenates the skin, tightens the pores, balances color irregularities and prevents new acne outbreaks. It is a very effective treatment method in the treatment of acne.


It is a very effective treatment especially in the treatment of deep scars and stubborn acne caused by acne. Fractional laser therapy applied in the treatment of acne and acne scars in the winter season is a very effective treatment method, especially in the treatment of severe acne and very deep scars that we have difficulty in treatment.