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How to prevent wrinkles?

With age, small wrinkles begin to form due to the decrease in moisture in our skin and deterioration in collagen fibers. These wrinkles turn into deep wrinkles in the form of deepening of mimic lines over time.

Sun rays increase the activation of enzymes that lead to collagen destruction. For this reason, in people with long-term sun exposure, collagen is destroyed faster, thinning and wrinkles occur on the skin. Sun rays also increase brown spots and vascular enlargement (telangiectasias).

The main cause of wrinkles around the eyes is eye squinting. Depending on these movements, deformity and wrinkles develop on the skin around the eyes, which is already thinner than other areas.

As a person’s biological age increases, the rate of collagen and elastin production decreases and its destruction increases. In the menopause period, secondary to the decrease in estrogen hormone, connective tissue formation and skin elasticity decrease, and wrinkles increase. Hormonal diseases and excessive weight gain also disrupt the structure of the connective tissue under the skin.

How Can Wrinkles Formation Be Prevented?

First of all, the reasons that may cause wrinkles should be determined and precautions should be taken.

Moisturizing creams applied at night are very important in terms of wrinkle and spot treatment. These creams accelerate skin regeneration and collagen formation due to their mild exfoliating properties.

During the day, moisturizers with sunscreen properties can be used.

Massage treatments can also be beneficial.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water.

No smoking.

It is recommended that individuals with light sensitivity avoid substances that increase sensitivity to light and use sunglasses.

What is UPGRADE?

It is an impressive skin revitalizer consisting of Hyaluronic Acid, Idebenone, Coenzymes, Nucleotides, Amino Acid and vitamins. It increases the elasticity, brightness and moisture of the skin and gives a visible feeling of tightness.

It makes the skin glow, saturate with moisture and tighten. It is a very successful application between filler and mesotherapy for the purpose of filling wrinkles and lines on dull, coarse, dehydrated skin, deformed skin with sun damage. The application creates noticeable results even in a single session. It is recommended to be applied at certain intervals and with certain sessions as the age progresses and after menopause. While the hyaluronic acid in its content moisturizes the skin by holding water, it opens the lines, Idebenone and Coenzymes Q 10 neutralize the free radicals that have formed and will form, and stop aging. Amino acids and vitamins provide the skin with the necessary raw material. It increases the re-synthesis of molecules that decrease over time and lose their functions, and increases the oxygenation of the tissue. It is a true antiaging approach.

Areas of influence:

Deep wrinkle Dehydrated skin

Neck and décolleté wrinkles Stressed and deformed skin

N-acetylcysteine: Element with high antioxidant power. This element has a key role in regulating the amount of Glutathione (GSH) in cells, at the same time it protects them from external damage and keeps them away from toxic action.

Vitamins: Multivitamin mixture plays an active role in the construction and regeneration of cell tissue, actively fights against wear in the immune system, this is essential for skin structure. It helps to improve the appearance of the skin by eliminating the signs of aging.