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How should the genital area be cleaned?

Mistakes in cleaning the genital area can also jeopardize fertility.

Cleanliness is one of the most important factors in the prevention of gynecological diseases. Unconscious practices can create a health problem by preparing the ground for infection. It is necessary to be sensitive about the cleanliness of the female genital area. Otherwise, various diseases, especially infections and fungi, may occur, which can lead to important health problems. Unconscious practices such as wiping with heavy alcohol pave the way for infection. While trying to provide a hygienic environment with a cleaning agent, the pH level of the genitals may deteriorate and cause various problems, especially eczema.

It is necessary to use cleaning products specially produced for the genital area. However, exaggerating the use of these substances can also lead to other discomforts.
It is correct to use genital cleaning products at periodic intervals.

If the genital area is not cleaned, problems may occur from time to time, even affecting fertility. In this regard, a serious investment is made in European countries, from towels to cloths specific to the genital area. Genital cleaning wipes can also be found in Turkey.