How should summer pregnant women be protected from the sun?

It is important to use SPF 50 mineral sunscreen filters. This is the primary condition for preventing the formation of stains. It needs to be refreshed every 2.5 hours.

What precautions should be taken against sunspots?

In addition to the use of sunscreen cream, wide-brimmed hats and large glasses will provide very effective protection.

What are the correct steps to use a protective cream or spray?

The cream is ideal for the face, the spray is ideal for the body. The spray should be waterproof and is of great importance in preventing water loss, which is the danger that awaits us throughout pregnancy in the body. The mineral filter makes us feel comfortable with its non-systemic absorption during the formation process of the organs in the first 3 months.

What should be the ideal summer vacation for a pregnant woman?

Preferring cooler places, under the shade of trees and under umbrellas during the daytime, without dehydration, would be an ideal sense of relaxation. I recommend swimming in the sea after 7 pm. This is my most helpful countermeasure for staining.

What should I consider when buying sunscreen?

mineral filters; Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide are physical protectors that are effective by reflecting the sun’s rays and are the first feature to be sought in a protector. Paraben-free organic sunscreens have been popular for the last 3 years. Increasing sebum secretion during pregnancy predisposes many pregnant women to acne. Therefore, water-based sunscreens should be preferred. Sunscreens containing vitamin C are among the products I recommend most frequently for dark-skinned pregnant women who are prone to stains.

Can you talk about the skin-aging properties of the sun?

prolonged exposure to ultraviolet; It results in an increase in free oxygen radicals, disruption of the cycles in the skin that should function properly, irreversible damage to pigmentation collagen and elastic fibers, thinning of the skin thickness and the formation of fine wrinkles with the combination of the rapid loss of water reserves of the skin.