How should our daily routine care of our skin be?

Our body has an internal rhythm, a language, and it speaks to us by giving some signals…

Just as we feel when our sugar drops and we say we are hungry and eat, our mental health and inner rhythm often tell us something through our skin.

A great majority of skin diseases are triggered by mental distress, anger, stress and appear as a rash or a chronic recurrent disease.

Just as we are in a rhythm in life for 24 hours, our biggest organ, which covers our whole body and protects us and is the mirror of our external appearance, is in our skin for 24 hours in active life. For this reason, it is necessary to learn its language well and to look at it in the most correct way. The best way to do this is if everyone has gone to a dermatologist at least once in their life and has adopted the right approach model for their skin.

We wake up early in the morning and look in the mirror and usually take a shower around this time. After the shower, it is absolutely necessary to meet the needs of our skin in a rapid manner. If we have a skin prone to dryness in winter, the whole body; An easy-to-use and dermatologically tested, odorless, fragrance-free, colorless body moisturizer should be applied to the entire skin and the body should be moisturized. Dry skin is inviting for many diseases, especially itchy eczematous skin diseases.

For the face, moisturizers suitable for our skin structure, an anti-aging cream recommended by our dermatologist, and most importantly, our sunscreen cream should be applied in the morning, regardless of summer or winter. If we have oily, acne-prone skin, we should be ready for the day after applying suitable creams and treatments.

Again, nutrition and what we eat in the evening are very important. It is important to consume healthy foods and plenty of water for our skin, which will rest and restructure until the morning.

Of course, we wake up every new day with a skin that is aged one day, not one day with a younger skin, and the aging process accelerates after an age, and sometimes we may be late. The cosmetic aisles are very attractive and filled with lots of manipulative articles. It’s like “no wrinkles in a week”. The best way not to be deceived by such articles and not to buy many products and use them incorrectly is to consult a skin doctor.

If you take care of your nutrition along with inner beauty and peace, your face and skin will be beautiful.

I believe that your mental health and inner beauty will return to your skin as brightness, vitality and beauty.

Our skin, which is dirty and tired during the day, requires care and cleaning when we come home in the evening, just as we prepare for the day.

Since these are the times when the free radicals and toxins that increase the aging process of the skin are most intense, the care during these hours is very important.

Taking a shower will be beneficial in terms of both relieving all the tiredness of the day and cleaning the skin. Even just washing the face is very important. The skin that has been polluted all day is first cleaned and made ready for care.

It is important to apply antiaging creams in the evening or the creams recommended by your dermatologist in the evening, to moisturize our dry skin or to perform routine care if we have a problem skin.

Throughout the day, our skin will be exposed to everything we experience with us. We should show him the same attention we show to our whole body. He will definitely send a signal to us in cases that are already failing.

If we want a more vibrant, bright and radiant skin, we should drink plenty of water and consume uncooked vegetables and fruits containing live enzymes throughout the day. Especially since green leafy vegetables are compatible with our blood pH (alkaline), they are important for a more balanced and peaceful mental health. Eating acidic drinks, fast food (hamburger, potato chips, processed foods) has shown that they have an indirect negative effect on the structure of our skin by causing both physical and mental fatigue.