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How does Botox work?

Lines that bother us on our face; Our facial expressions are formed as a result of our muscle movements. Botox temporarily stops the contraction of the muscles at this point and prevents our lines from forming. Only the muscle we apply is affected by the procedure, the surrounding muscles and deeper structures are not affected.

The situations in which it is used;

Wrinkle treatment

The middle of the forehead, in the destruction of the leadership line

In the elimination of lines around the eyes called crow’s feet,

In the treatment of lines that occur when the eyebrows are raised in the middle of the forehead

In the treatment of fine lines on the cheek caused by facial expressions

On upper lip mimic lines (pay attention to patient selection here)

To make a “nefertiti neck”, also known as removing the chin by reducing the jowl in young patients

To reduce neck transverse and longitudinal lines

To reduce lines between décolleté and breast

We use our gestures all the time. This causes our lines to get deeper and deeper. we will do BotoxWith its application, rapid aging can be prevented.