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How do bruises around the eyes go away?

It is a common problem that the eye area is darker or the under-eyes appear purple. Darkness under the eyes makes people unhappy aesthetically. For this reason, treatments are applied to lighten the color of the skin around the eyes. The light color of the skin around the eyes gives the person a younger, more vigorous expression.

The most important reason why the under-eyes are darker or purple; genetic predisposition. In other words, the eye area of ​​people with familial predisposition, especially under the eyes, may be darker or purple than normal skin. Except this; fatigue, insomnia, using the computer too much, alcohol, smoking may cause discoloration around the eyes or increase the existing problem. The main issue is the color change due to the disease. It should not be forgotten that dark and bruises under the eyes can be a sign of serious diseases such as kidney diseases, allergic diseases, atopic eczema, and sinusitis.

How Are the Bruises Around the Eyes Treated?

The bruises that occur due to the genetic characteristics of the person, the thin connective tissue under the skin, the superficial veins are caused by reasons such as it is not possible to fully treat it. However, with treatments, bruises can be reduced. These treatments are;

Laser Treatments: With lasers, the veins under the eyes can be reduced, so that the bruises caused by the superficial veins can be reduced. In addition, lasers increase the collagen of the skin and reduce the reflection of the color of the underlying veins to the surface. For this purpose, Q-switched Nd-yag, pulsed dye laser, fractional erbium and carbon dioxide lasers can be used. It requires 3-5 sessions on average.

Chemical peeling: It is the process of peeling the under-eye skin with fruit acids and similar solutions. It is effective in reducing under-eye darkness. But unfortunately it does not help for bruises.

Under-eye fillers: It is the most effective method for removing dark circles under the eyes. With the hyaluronic acid used, both the cavities under the eyes are filled and this filler placed under the skin reduces the visibility of the vessels and reduces the bruises. In this way, the reduction of pits and bruises under the eyes gives a much younger appearance. The hyaluronic acid used is a substance compatible with the body, it is not harmful. It is absorbed by the body over time. So it is not permanent. It requires reapplication after about 8 months.

Mesotherapy: It is an injection of vitamins under the eyes. It is used to rejuvenate the freckle, in this way it also benefits the bruises.

Apart from these treatments for bruises under the eyes, there are measures that you can do yourself at home. First of all, pay attention to the health rules; Sleep regularly, do not smoke, drink enough water, use sunscreen cream (especially apply sunscreen under the eyes), spend less time on the computer screen,

Apart from that, you can apply a cold compress to your eyes, you can grate a raw potato and put it in a gauze pad and put it on your eyes. Creams containing vitamin K can help with bruises.