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How can we get rid of acne scars? fractional co2 laser

Revolution in Scar and Wrinkle Treatment! “CO2” Fractional Laser

Today, the methods applied under the name of “Acne Scars and Wrinkle Treatment” are insufficient or unsafe!

Chemical Peeling: It is the regeneration of the skin with the help of various chemical substances. The effectiveness of the deepest peels is low.
Microdermabrasion: It consists of rasping the skin by squeezing aluminum salt into the skin in the form of a spray. Its effectiveness is around 10-20%.
Mechanical Dermabrasion (sanding): consists of sanding the skin. Due to the serious damage to the skin, it is no longer preferred today.
Botox and Fillers: Fillers are effective in removing wrinkles and scars for a certain period of time by making the skin plump. Botox, on the other hand, paralyzes the facial mimic muscles and causes wrinkles to decrease temporarily.
Light Therapy (Intense Pulsed Light: IPL): intensified light pulses increase the elasticity of the skin by stimulating the collagen fibers under the skin. It is effective up to 25% in skin rejuvenation and skin regeneration.
Laser Treatment:
I. Nd:YAG laser: Since its effect is very mild and superficial, it is no longer preferred in the treatment of wrinkles and scars.
II. Er:Glass and Er:YAG laser: They are systems that are often preferred in the treatment of wrinkles and scars, but because they are not deep enough, patients and doctors are often not satisfied despite a few sessions of treatment.
III. CO2 laser: the world’s deepest effective scar and wrinkle treatment method. As it is quite effective, its side effects can also be serious. For this reason, “Fractional CO2 laser” has been developed for the last 5 years, which is revolutionary in the world of “Laser Dermatology” and reduces the side effects of this system to almost zero.
The methods mentioned above are partially effective in the treatment of acne scars and wrinkles, and their success rates vary between 5% and 25%, and sometimes they are almost not effective at all. In addition, undesirable side effects may occur because the application depth cannot be measured in these methods.

Why Fractional CO2 Laser? Fractional CO2 Laser: The World-Wide Endpoint in Acne Scars and Wrinkle Treatment: “The Most Ambitious and Deepest, Also The Safest Laser System”!

In Which Areas Is Fractional CO2 Laser Used?

1. Skin Rejuvenation, facial rejuvenation: arguably the most effective method for removing wrinkles and lines on the face, eyelids, neck and décolleté!

1- Removal of fine wrinkles

2- Removal of deep lines and facial rejuvenation:

2. Scar Treatment: it is the strongest and most effective treatment method for acne scars (acne scars) and pits, scars and burn scars and skin cracks on the face, back and chest!

I. Treatment of acne scars (acne scars): Acne scars are classified in two main groups as superficial and deep:
a. Superficial acne scars: These are the scars that affect the upper layer of the skin. These scars appear more especially after acne treatment and appear as slight pits and collapses on the redness background. Superficial acne scars can usually be destroyed by superficial skin peeling methods such as chemical peeling, but the treatment of non-healing acne scars is easily possible with fractional laser.
b. Deep acne scars:
– Ice pick (ice pick) acne scar (pimple scar): They are point pits, usually less than 2 mm in diameter, seen as areas punctured with ice pick on the skin. Although the diameters of these scars are not large, they can be extremely deep and sometimes go down to the subcutaneous fat layer. That’s why the best treatment for “ice pick” acne scars is laser. Among the laser systems, the most effective and at the same time the least side-effect system is the fractional CO2 laser system.
– Box car (freight wagon) acne scar (pimple scar): These are acne scars formed in the form of round or oval.
– Rolling scar (wavy) acne scar (civil scar): These types of acne scars, which are usually deep, are caused by the innermost layer of the skin being shaped by the lower layers. Up to 80% improvement is observed with fractional CO2 laser in this type of acne scars, which are the most difficult to treat.

II. Elimination of large pores and coarse appearance of the skin

III. Removal of sunspots, age spots, postpartum spots and superficial pigment disorders on the skin

IV. Reduction of excess connective tissue (hypertrophic scar) and keloids