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Highlights in sexually transmitted diseases

-Treatment destroys the wart or herpes, but not the virus.

– Frequent repetition due to latent infection: The virus creates antigens at such low levels that they cannot be detected by the immune system and there is not enough reaction. Therefore, the DNA structure of the virus around the treated lesion maintains its continuity. This is manifested by recurrent infection when the body weakens.

– Factors that increase the recurrence rate: High number of sexual partners, use of birth control pills, pregnancy

-Treatment selection: Patient preference, treatment cost, lesion structure and number should be considered.

-Changing the treatment method: There is a risk of recurrence in all treatment methods. Therefore, it is necessary not to consider the recurrence as treatment failure and not to change the treatment method before completing the total number of treatment sessions.

-Sexual partner examination and treatment: partner examination and treatment are important in terms of preventing re-infection.

-The importance of condom use: It is very important in preventing contamination, but it is not 100% protective

-Annual smear control in women: It is important because of the detection of cancer.

Importance of HPV vaccine: Apply before infection develops for prevention.