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Hand rejuvenation (hyaluronic acid)

With modern life, it began to appear and be more effective in hands. Is it someone who always hides their hands behind their backs or in their pockets, or is it someone who uses their hands very confidently and even makes use of them in narration? Now it’s time to realize the importance of hands. Of course, the beauty and maintenance of an area that is not only visually but also functional is of course important.

Our hands are another important organ that reveals our age as much as our face. As the years pass, the skin becomes thinner, the subcutaneous tissue and fat decrease, as a result, the stains begin to become permanent. Especially with the cold and drying effect of winter, our wrinkles start to sink into our eyes even more.

Hand rejuvenation procedures can be performed on all patients with signs of aging on their hands.

The changes that occur in the hands with age are:

Loss of subcutaneous tissue: Due to the loss of subcutaneous fat tissue, the skin on the back of the hand becomes abundant and wrinkled, veins and bones become evident.

Thinning and fraying of the skin: The skin becomes dry, wrinkled and thinner, and becomes easily torn like parchment paper.

Spots on the skin: Brown, red spots, also called age spots, occur on the back of the hand. These occur due to sun damage and some of them carry the risk of developing into skin cancer.

What can be done?

Hand rejuvenation processes can be grouped under three headings: replacing the lost fat tissue under the skin, improving skin quality and eliminating blemishes.

Filling applications: Filling application, which is an easier process, can be preferred instead of fat injection. Hyaluronic acid applications are made in the office environment and have a permanence of more than one year.

Skin moisturizing processes: Pure hyaluronic acid injections are made to moisturize and strengthen the skin, which thins and dries over time. It is important to repeat these applications, which are carried out 4 times with two-week intervals, once a year in order to preserve the youth of the hands.

PRP applications: In this application, growth factors are extracted and purified from the blood taken from the patient roughly and injected under the skin. This process allows the tissues to renew themselves. PRP applications can be done alone or together with hyaluronic acid applications.

Laser applications:Good results can be obtained with Q-swithed laser applications on hand spots.

Chemical peeling:Spots and fine wrinkles can be removed by peeling the back of the hand with peelings.

Hand rejuvenation package;

The hand rejuvenation package includes filler application to both hands, reduction of spots on the back of the hand with Q-switched laser, PRP application twice at one month intervals, and pure hyaluronic acid application 4 times with 2-week intervals. It is recommended to apply once a year or every two years.

Filling applications are made to replace the lost volume under the skin and our hand regains its old plump and youthful appearance. Fillings with moisturizing effect, mesotherapies, PRP and peelings are applied to eliminate the dryness of the skin. Very good results are obtained with peeling and laser applications for hand spots.

Are the procedures painful? How much will it take?

The procedure is performed under clinical conditions and with local anesthetics and takes about 30 minutes.

What happens after the procedure?

The patient can take a bath the next day. Mild edema and bruises may occur after filling, PRP and hyaluronic acid applications, but the daily activity of the patient is not affected. There may be some redness and sometimes crusting after laser and peeling applications. Patients should use plenty of moisturizer and sunscreen after the procedures.

hand rejuvenation Today, the procedure is performed by expert dermatologists with the latest technological knowledge and technical equipment. It is often preferred due to its more reliable and new era technology.