hair removal with laser

Perhaps one of the greatest contributions of modern technology to medicine has been the use of laser beams at the disposal of treatments. With the development and safety of laser technologies used since the 1960s, a new era has opened in the medical world. Many problems such as epilation, vascular lesions, spots, acne and wrinkles can be eliminated painlessly and effortlessly with laser beams. Afterwards, the patient can return to social life in a very short time. As long as you can apply to the right specialist and center…

The term laser is actually a concept made up of words. And it reflects a beam of light amplified by the condensation of the excited radiation. This beam of light is monochromatic, flat and energy-bearing.

Thanks to this powerful light beam, the surrounding tissues are protected, permanent hair removal is achieved by removing the hairs, and a smooth and soft skin can be obtained.

However, it is not possible for all hairs to absorb the light in the same way and reach the root in one session. Because hair is in a physical cycle that it is in every cell of our body. There are three cycles of hair in the growth (anagen), resting (telogen) and shedding (catagen) phases. Laser light is effective on the growth (anagen) phase of the hair. For this reason, it is possible to get rid of unwanted hair with laser epilation only in a few sessions. If a laser is applied while a hair is in the growth phase, it is possible for it to disappear permanently in that session. For this reason, periods of one to two months are foreseen between sessions. If a laser is applied to a hair that is not in the growth phase, the hair is almost smoked and cannot complete its task of delivering the light to the hair root. When you come to the sessions regularly, you will be able to realize that laser epilation is the most successful application of today.

Although the sessions vary according to the location of the hairs and the genetic characteristics of the person, 3 to 8 sessions of epilation may be required at intervals of 1-2 months on average. Hairs that have reached a length of 0.5 cm on the skin are suitable for epilation, if there is at least 1 month between the previous session and the waiting for further growth. Anyone who is over 13 years old, has a suitable hair structure, has a clear difference between hair color and skin color and is not hypersensitive to light can have laser epilation. The target of the laser beams, which do not cause any harm to health, is the hair and does not harm the surrounding tissues. The worst possible side effect is non-permanent stains, and it is possible to treat this condition.

It is not correct to remove the hairs with tweezers or thread during the laser epilation process. This method thins the hair follicles and reduces the sensitivity of the hairs to the laser. In addition, laser epilation should not be performed within 48-72 hours after sunbathing and solarium and should not be exposed to solarium or sun rays for a few weeks after the procedure. During laser epilation, it is aimed to heat the hair root and destroy it in this way. It is very important to protect the skin during this heating process. Cooling caps are used to perform this process without damaging the upper layer of the skin.