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Hair prp treatment (platelet rich plasma)

Development of PRP Treatment

PRP treatment is a treatment method that is constantly developing in the world, is curious and revolutionized the development of modern medicine.

PRP, which is not widely known in our country, is an alternative method applied for rejuvenation of the skin layer, healing of wounds, acne scars and hair loss.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is platelet rich plasma. Also known as autologous blood concentration. Platelets are a special blood cell that plays an important role in tissue healing and blood clotting.

What is PRP Hair Treatment? (Platelet Rich Plasma)

With PRP treatment, your hair follicles, which weaken and begin to die, and hair strands that become feathers are revived and your hair regains its former health.

PRP treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma) is the process of injecting the elixir obtained as a result of the separation of white blood cells and platelets by passing your own blood through special processes into the thinned or balding area. PRP Applications are performed in the hospital environment.

PRP treatment method is a treatment method that has been used in Europe and the Far East for many years. Experts recommend PRP treatment to people who have hair loss problems and who have started thinning or thinning their hair. Thanks to the newly introduced PRP treatment in Turkey, very serious effects on hair regeneration have been observed.

Application of PRP Treatment to Hair

First, 10 cc is taken from the venous blood of the patient who has a hair problem. That is 1/10 of 1 teaspoon. Then the centrifuged blood is divided into two parts as white and red blood. Red blood contains white blood cells, platelets, clotting factors and PGFs (Platelet Growth Factor). Red blood undergoes a special treatment and is injected into the thinned or balding area by napping.

The basis of this application is based on tissue regeneration and takes a total of 30 minutes. During this period, no pain or scarring occurs.

Process of PRP Treatment

  • Prp treatment is applied in a hospital environment, once in a total of 3 months and once every month.
  • In order for the application to be more permanent, it is sufficient to apply it once a year after the prp hair treatment.