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Hair Loss and Treatment

Although there are many reasons for hair loss, the most common cause is male pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia). Although it is called male pattern hair loss as a name, it is also frequently seen in women. There are 2 main factors that cause the disease: genetic and hormonal. Hair loss; Vitamin and iron deficiencies can occur due to eating habits, environmental conditions and stress. In hair loss, first the hair strands become thinner, their color becomes lighter, they become sparse, and eventually the hair follicle is completely destroyed. In order to eliminate hair root loss, a personalized treatment should be planned after the necessary analyzes.

Intradermal Treatment

Intradermal therapy treatment has been applied in medicine for many years with different indications in orthopedics, dentistry and surgery branches.

Intradermal treatment is a treatment method applied to reduce hair loss and revitalize weakened hair follicles.
With the help of centrifugation of the blood taken from the patient with hair problem, the blood cell required for intradermal treatment is prepared and injected into the scalp with tiny needles. This application takes approximately 30 minutes. According to the needs of the hair, an average of 4-6 sessions are performed. Since it is obtained from the person’s own blood, no side effects are expected. Hair is not washed on the day of application.

What are the uses of intradermal treatment in hair diseases?

Male pattern hair loss, hair loss due to different vitamin deficiencies (Telogen effluvium), Hair loss (Alopecia areata)

Hair Mesotherapy

Injecting special serums containing vitamins, minerals and protein needed by hair cells into the middle layer of the skin with tiny needles is called Hair Mesotherapy. Depending on the needs of the hair, a session can be applied once a week or once every two weeks. The application can be done in the form of 4-6 sessions depending on the severity of shedding. Hair is not washed on the day of application.