Golden touch to skin cracks and acne scars

Skin wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks and sagging are the most common complaints about the skin of many people who want to look beautiful and stay young. All these problems, which may be a result of skin aging, weight gain or pregnancy, and disturb the person in terms of aesthetic appearance, can be effectively treated in a short time.

Minimize the effects of aging

The “Golden Needle Radio Frequency” method, which started the golden age in beauty and health, can be used for many aesthetic applications. Skin rejuvenation, prevention of wrinkles, sagging of arms and legs, recovery of neck and décolleté, removal of acne scars, tightening of pores and getting rid of stretch marks have become more practical thanks to this. Thanks to a special device with gold needle caps and radio frequency application under the skin, skin problems can be successfully treated.

Recovery is achieved in a short time without damaging the skin

In the gold needle fractional radio frequency method, the shot is given directly to the subcutaneous tissues and given to the targeted area, thanks to gold needles. When the gold needle head of the radio frequency device is contacted with the skin, the micro needles make a sudden entry into the skin at the automatically adjusted depth. Numerous micro-needles create fractional micro-holes on the skin, and the production of collagen (the protein that makes the skin look healthy) and elastin (the protein that prevents wrinkles by giving elasticity to the skin) is triggered by radio frequency, which is sent only from the needle tip and does not touch the skin. no damage is done. The aim here is to deliver the highest energies that can be given directly under the skin without damaging the skin.

Extremely successful results are obtained in acne scars

Radio frequency application with gold needles is frequently used in the treatment of wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes, on the upper lip and on the cheek. In addition, the device has an effect that causes tension on the face and sagging. The golden needle method is a very effective treatment method in correcting wrinkles and sagging in the neck and décolleté area. One of the areas where the gold needle radiofrequency method is used most frequently is the treatment of acne scars on the face. The diameters of these scars decrease, their depth decreases, the deep acne scars lighten, the light ones pass, the pores narrow, the skin becomes more vivid and clear. Using it in combination with fractional laser for this purpose increases the efficiency of the treatment.

Effective fight against skin cracks and arm and leg sagging

Radio frequency gives very successful results in the treatment of skin and subcutaneous tears, since there is a kind of scar in the cracks. It is not possible to completely eliminate the cracks, but they can be made better; their color improves, their diameter narrows, the skin becomes smoother and the visibility of cracks is reduced. Stretch mark treatment is also combined with different methods. The sagging and loosening of the inner surfaces of the arms and the inside of the legs, especially caused by weight gain and loss, can be successfully treated with the gold needle radio frequency method. It is an extremely comfortable application performed in 3 sessions at one month intervals. After an average of 1 month in the arm and leg area, it can be seen that the skin is tightened and the sagging decreases. In this way, looseness and sagging of the skin are minimized without surgery. Except for the radio frequency method, there is no other treatment method that can successfully tighten the skin in these areas.

Underarm sweating ends

Another area where gold needle radio frequency therapy is used is the problem of excessive underarm sweating. In this application, radio frequency permanently destroys the sweat glands and stops the release of sweat from this area. In practice, the results are permanent as the sweat glands are permanently reduced.

Treatment can be applied in summer and winter

One of the most important features of the application for the patient is the absence of effects such as redness, flaking and peeling experienced in the fractional laser. Therefore, there is no need to interrupt the treatment during the summer period. A slight pinkness occurs on the skin for 3-5 hours, and the pinkness returns to normal at the end of this period. Therefore, this method is a type of treatment that does not restrict the patient’s daily life. The vague edema that occurs after the application also passes in a short time.

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