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gold needle radio frequency therapy


Conviction to surgery is decreasing day by day in cases of loss of elasticity on the face and sagging caused by aging.

Research offers new opportunities to patients who want to look younger with very fast and successful new devices in this field. Non-surgical applications are especially preferred as they do not interfere with daily life as they do not require anesthesia and long recovery periods. With the “GOLDEN FREQUENCY” added to methods such as fractional lasers and ultherapy lately, non-surgical applications become much more assertive.

Radiofrequency energy is actually heat energy that has been used in medicine for many years to stop bleeding in surgeries.
Thanks to the heat given under the skin with 25 microneedles on the device, collagen is activated and fine wrinkles are improved.

In this process, a total of 1000 times of heat is given under the skin with 25 micro needles, which we call fractional radio frequency, during the application. In this way, every area of ​​the facial skin is scanned by opening approximately 25000 invisible micro channels on the skin.

After 20-30 minutes of preliminary preparation with anesthetic creams before the application, the entire face 1-session procedure is completed in approximately 45 minutes. With the special applications to be made after the application, the patient can continue his daily life except for a rash that lasts for a few hours.

When this application is applied on one half of the face, the effect of opening at the eyebrow edge, lifting up in the cheek area and opening in the neck lines becomes evident when compared to the opposite side. Then, within 30 minutes, temporary edema begins to occur as the skin warms up and absorbs water. With the effect of heat under the skin, the repair system is activated and the healing process begins. It refreshes the skin, the pores on the skin are tightened, the thin veins are burned with heat and become smaller and invisible to the naked eye.


* Anti-Aging (Lifting, loss of elasticity, wrinkle treatment etc.)
* Scar treatments (Acne scars, normal scars, keloid)
* Enlarged pore treatment
* Pigmented lesion treatment
* Alopecia (Hair loss treatment)


* No side effects occur.
* Applicable to all age groups.
* No bruising or bleeding.
* Provides reversible face shaping.
* Stem cell therapy can be combined with PRP and mesococtails.
* Hair growth can be supported by using low RF energy.


* A technology that minimizes rough skin and skin problems
* Short application time
* Short recovery time
* Does not require any special care after application


It is used as a preferred method for problems such as blemishes and acne scars, and for reorganizing skin vessels, as well as giving successful results, especially in patients who want to improve skin quality and have loss of elasticity. It can be used 3 times in monthly periods when necessary, and normally at intervals of 6-12 months.