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ftc therapy

Popular in recent years is the rope hanging method.

It is extremely easy to apply. Since there is no edema and bruising after the application, the case does not need to take leave from work. He continues his social life immediately. It can be performed under local anesthesia in practice conditions. It does not require a hospital environment. It is a great advantage that when applied to the skin, it does not give the appearance of being stretched by surgery. Thus, it provides the opportunity to hide from the prying eyes around. As soon as the application is made, the result can be seen. During the application, it is beneficial for the patient to follow the process with the mirror in his hand and give an idea, and to be cooperative. The fact that it can be performed with many aesthetic procedures at the same time ensures that this method is becoming more and more widespread. In the FTC method, special PDO threads are placed on the skin where the wrinkles will be removed. When the thread is stretched, it pulls the skin and stretches it as much as desired. The patient should be careful while eating, talking and mimicking for 1-2 days.
positively affects the lasting result.

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Method with Thread

PDO providing safe absorption

Minimally invasive method

Contour effect on face, neck and body

Easy application (~30 min)

Long-term successful outcome (~ 2 years)

Meeting of Eastern and Western Medicine in Aesthetics

FTC therapy was developed with inspiration from eastern and western medicine. In summary; It is a combination of hundreds of years of successful experience of eastern medicine and the traditional skin lifting philosophy of western medicine.

FTC therapy; It is applied to the face, neck and other body parts. It helps skin rejuvenation with bioabsorbable antimicrobial filaments. However, FTC therapy, a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, has lifting effects as well as skin rejuvenation.

FTC is the method of placing absorbable antimicrobial filaments under the skin or in the SMAS region with the help of a needle. Sizes range from 26 G to 30 G.

These needles contain antimicrobial filaments that can be absorbed biologically. The diameters of these filaments range from 0.05 mm to 0.15 mm. It has different lengths ranging from 3 cm to 24 cm. It offers many different diameter and length alternatives, making it possible to work easily on different parts of the face, neck and body.

During the application, dozens of needles and the filaments at the ends of these needles penetrate the deep layers of the skin. Thus, in addition to the wound healing triggered by the micro channels opened in the skin, the natural regeneration process and the process of increasing tissue elasticity begin. As a result, skin rejuvenation and mechanical wound healing
process is activated.

Recently emerging new types of filaments provide a mechanically greater lifting effect to the drooping tissue. These filaments have a stronger lifting effect than standard PDO yarns. In addition, thanks to the chronic inflammatory reaction it creates, it provides a higher level of fibroblasts in the wound healing process.
It plays an increasing role in the transformation into (more elastic) myofibroblasts. PDO threads, a safe and biocompatible product, can be absorbed by the skin within 6 months.


Controlled wound formation

Inducing wound healing

Mechanical stimulation provided by the needle

Structural support of PDO to tissue

Foreign matter response provided by PDO

Skin rejuvenation


nasolabial fold

jaw line

eyebrow lift

under-eye bags



indian fold

Deep wrinkles on the forehead and neck

It has been proven effective and beneficial to use threads as physical support to assist lipolytic injection and machine action of FTC therapy and to maintain contour and tissue shape. Since it remodels the tissue, it has a firming effect on body stretchmarks and sagging tissues.

Advantages of the Application

Applied in a short time

Comfortable and harmless

Triggers collagen production

Removes fine wrinkles

It is easy and safe

Applied under local anesthesia

Application can be repeated as needed

Make-up application possible immediately after treatment

No side effects