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Frequently asked questions about Botox

That is a medicine obtained from Clostridium botulinum. It was first used in the treatment of strabismus in 1977. During this treatment, its use for cosmetic purposes came to the fore when its reducing effect on wrinkles was observed. After 1990, it started to be used in the treatment of wrinkles.

In 1995, it started to be used in the treatment of regional excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). Successful results have been obtained in the treatment of migraine in recent years and it has recently been approved by the FDA for use in the treatment of migraine.


It causes temporary paralysis in the muscles by preventing the release of acetylcholine in the application area and reduces sweating in the sweat glands. The temporary effect on the muscles is fully formed within 14 days. It returns in 3-5 months. No matter how many sessions were applied, no damage was found to the muscles in the examinations.


A few days before the treatment, aspirin, vitamin C. Drugs that cause bruising, such as vitamin E and green tea, should not be drunk. The use of a vitamin K cream before the application may be recommended to reduce the possibility of bruising. However, the probability of bruising is very low.

Botox is applied to certain muscle groups according to the desired result. After the application, in order for the drug to remain in this area and not to pass to other muscle areas, the applied area should not be rubbed, make-up should not be applied, and the head should be kept upright for 4 hours.


During pregnancy and lactation

Nerve and muscle disease (M.graves, Eatan Lambert))

In the use of some drugs (aminoglycoside etc.)


If it is applied by an experienced doctor, it has almost no side effects. Rarely, there may be redness and bruising that goes away in a short time.

In addition, side effects may occur due to the displacement of the drug, which may develop due to the rubbing of the area by the patients.

Patients can return to their daily activities after the application.


Facial lines are divided into dynamic and static.

DYNAMIC LINES: These are the lines we call mimic lines. It occurs when the muscles under the skin contract and wrinkle the skin during laughing, talking, and anger.

STATIC LINES: These are the lines settled on the skin that are evident even when the face is without facial expression.

Botox is the most successful method in the treatment of dynamic lines on the face.

Which areas is Botox applied to in the treatment of wrinkles?

• In the treatment of horizontal and vertical lines on the forehead

• in the treatment of lines called crow’s feet around the eyes

• In the treatment of horizontal and vertical lines on the neck

• For nose lifting

• In the recovery of sagging on the cheeks, in shaping the face oval

• Recovery of low rim and sad expression

• In the treatment of wrinkles around the mouth, which we call cigarette lines

• In reducing the lumpy appearance on the chin

• For the purpose of changing the eyebrow shape, lifting the eyebrow and eyelid

After the application, the effect may start within a few days or may last longer. It takes its final form after 14 days.

Cosmetic botox treatment can be applied 3 times in the first year, 2 times in the second year, and at 8-month intervals in the third year. Repeated applications reduce the need for medication.


Excessive sweating is a condition that is seen due to some structural or genetic predispositions. Palms, soles, underarms, and face are the most common areas of sweating. Sweating increases more as a result of emotional stress, heat increase and physical activity. Iodine-starch test can be done to see the severity of sweating. In the test, there is a brown appearance in areas that sweat heavily. Botox injection is a very common method in the treatment of regional sweating. The application is very convenient. Botox is injected into the skin at regular intervals in tiny doses. The effect starts after 1 week and continues for 9-12 months. There are no side effects in the applications made by specialists, and there may rarely be tiny bruises.


Does Botox spoil the expression in the face area? Is it possible to get rid of wrinkles without spoiling the expression?

The biggest concern of patients who have not had botox before is the fear that their facial expressions will deteriorate and everyone will find that they have had botox. However, the concerns about this are unfounded because the expression disruption in botox occurs completely due to high-dose applications. In the injections made in doses suitable for the patient’s muscle structure, wrinkles are opened without deteriorating the expression.

Do I always have to have botox after botox application?

There is no obligation to have this treatment done continuously. The effect of the drug disappears after 3-4 months. In the following 2 months, the state of well-being continues. Then the lines return to their original state. However, patients continue the treatment because they are satisfied with the treatment.

If I have Botox application, will my skin be worse in the long term?

Wrinkle treatment with Botox has been on millions of patients for almost 20 years.

has been applied. And there is no problem in this regard, and it is determined that the results are much better and the improvement in the skin increases in regular applications.

Is it better to start Botox treatment early or late?

In the early period of wrinkles, lines are dynamic lines and can be easily treated with botox. Untreated dynamic lines become static lines over time, then botox application cannot completely treat the line, additional applications such as laser, peeling, and filling are needed, so the success is higher in applications that start early.

Is Botox snake venom?

Botox is derived from a bacterium. It is no different from many of the drugs we use. Drugs are ultimately obtained in a similar way. It is not snake venom.

Does Botox application have any harm to the body?

The application is made in very small doses. However, it is effective in the area it is applied. Its participation in the general circulation is negligible.