Fractional lasers

Skin resurfacing with fractional laser is a new method that is effective on epidermis (upper skin) and dermis (lower skin). Fractional lasers are effective when the laser light creates heat damage to the skin in tiny columns. These columnar areas of heat damage are called microthermal treatment zones (MTB). In fractional technologies, the skin area around the MTB areas remains intact. Therefore, heat-damaged MTB is quickly repaired by cells from the surrounding intact skin.

Fractional lasers regenerate cells in tiny areas on the upper skin. During this renewal, the spots of the upper skin can be removed. In the lower skin, it causes heat damage in columns and triggers the formation of new collagen in these areas. This regeneration of the lower skin can be effective in the treatment of scars, wrinkles and acne scars.

In fractional laser applications:

Fair skin tones are ideal cases for fractional lasers. However, it can also be used in dark-skinned patients. It can be used on the neck, trunk and arms other than the face.

Some patients may experience discomfort during the application. This discomfort is easily relieved with local anesthetic creams or cold air blowers.

There may be a slight redness and edema after the procedure. There may be slight peeling and tanning on the skin. However, such situations regress within 3-7 days.

Expectations should be realistic in fractional lasers. It can remove mild to moderate wrinkles, blemishes and superficial acne and scars. It can make slight improvements in deep wrinkles, spots and scars.

In fractional laser treatments are done in sessions. Depending on the type of complaint, at least 5 sessions can be done at intervals of 2-4 weeks.

Situations where fractional laser should not be used:

Oral isotretinoin should not be used within 6 months.

There should be no active infection of the skin.

It is not applied to pregnant people.

It does not apply to patients with unrealistic expectations.

Care after fractional laser application:

Complaints after the operation are mild and temporary. After the procedure, a feeling of sunburn may be felt for an hour.

Make-up can be applied after the treatment.

Light moisturizers can be applied after fractional laser.

If there is facial edema, cooling with ice packs may be helpful.

After the fractional laser, sunbathing should be avoided for 6-12 months and sunscreen should be used.

Side effects after fractional laser treatment:

Side effects seen in lasers may occur in fractional laser applications. However, the incidence of side effects is very low.

Temporary or permanent staining

Color opening areas

Herpes infection attack