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Your skin is the mirror of your beauty. Your skin is most affected by the traumatic effects of the environment and the sun. This process manifests itself as wrinkles and sagging as an inevitable result of the loss of elasticity of your skin, decrease in collagen fibers, decrease in hyaluronic acid and fat layer. At this stage, hyaluronic acid fillers can give very beautiful and eye-catching results in the hands of good and experienced practitioners. Rarely, local allergic reactions may be observed after application. In general, it is possible to combat possible complications with timely intervention. Since the fillings are not permanent, they usually disappear over time in the undesirable reactions.

Autologous Filling:
This filler, which is prepared with a new method other than the usual hyaluronic acids; It is used for both filling and facial rejuvenation. The difference and the most important advantage of routine fillings is that the applied filling is obtained from the patient’s own blood cells with some special techniques. In other words, there is no risk of allergic reaction in this method.