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Filler applications!


1) Who is the filler application applied to?

Filling material injection is among the minimal aesthetic applications. Wrinkles removal applications are usually done from the age of 30, but applications to correct contour defects and give fullness can be done from the middle of the 20s.

2) Which areas are usually filled with filler?

To make it appear fuller by thickening to the lips, fine linesand deep wrinklesfor the treatment of many parts of the face, neck wrinklesand the reduction of cleavage linesone of the most important clues of aging, to the upper part of the neck and chest wall to remove removal of wrinkles on the back of the handand fillers can be applied to the hands to provide a more youthful appearance.

3) Which area is most often injected with filler?

The area extending from the wings of the nose to the edges of the lips is called the ‘nasolabial region’. This is the area that collapses most quickly and wrinkles due to sagging on the face, so fillers are also used. mostly to the nasolabial region is done. Then in order lip plumpingk, to remove crow’s feet wrinkles around the eyes, and to treat wrinkles on forehead and lip corners due to mimic activity.tissue material injections.

4) Are fillers healthy?

animal-free hyaluronic acid derivatives They are substances that are already present in the body and provide fullness by absorbing water approximately 100 times its weight. Since it is a decomposable product, it leaves the body over time and does not leave any side effects and does not harm human health. Also, fillers containing Calcium Hydroxyapatite main material; It is not harmful to health when injected into appropriate places and at the appropriate depth in the body and creates a slightly longer-term fullness effect.

5) How soon after the filling process can one return to daily life?

Filling material application is a short-term procedure of about 20 minutes to half an hour, slight redness and a very small amount of bruising may be seen where it is applied. After the procedure is completed, you can return to your work and return to your daily life, there will be no situation that will require you to stay away from your work.

6) Which fillers are mostly used?

Fillers containing hyaluronic acid and fat injections for lip thickening and fine wrinkles, and calcium hydroxyapatite-containing materials, hyaluronic acid-containing fillers and fat injections are the most common applications for grooving in the nasolabial region and for clarifying the cheekbone and chin contours.

7) Are there any drugs that should not be used during the filling process?

People who are considering having a filler injection should definitely not use aspirin and similar drugs. If he is using it, he should stop taking aspirin 1 week before and should not use it for a few days after the application. Because of the blood thinning effect of aspirin, it can cause bruises to occur and increase in the application areas.

8) Are there any fillers that can cause problems when used?

The permanence of animal-based and silicone-containing fillers may be longer. However, these substances may cause allergies, formation of cysts and granulomas (hard masses), and may spoil the natural appearance. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when making a decision.

9) How long is the appearance gained with fillers permanent?

Although it varies according to the application area, Hyaluronic acid derivatives can be permanent for about 8 to 12 months. Calcium hydroxyapatite derivatives can maintain their effect up to 18 months in the applied area, but can be applied to specific areas.

10) How is the pricing done in the filler application?

The fees of fillers vary according to the substance and brand it contains. The general application; The application fee is charged as the price of the filler and the total cost is determined.

11) What should be done after the filler is injected?

Short-term ice application after the application of the filler prevents or reduces the formation of bruises. If a large amount of water is drunk in the first 2 days, especially the fillings containing hyaluronic acid absorb water and show their effect better. Again, it is necessary not to massage the area where the filler material is applied excessively.