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Fill in 10 questions

1- What is filler?

The active ingredient of the filling; is hyaluronic acid. It is used in the treatment of wrinkles and filling the area where fullness is desired.

2- Where is the filler used?

Nasobial lines (lines descending to the corners of the lips at the edge of the nose),

Lines above the lip (cigarette lines),

Eye lines (crow’s feet),

Mid-brow lines (frown line),

cheeks and cheekbones,

Increasing lip volume

It is used to fill the under eye.

3- How long is the permanence of the fillings?

Depending on the product used, under-eye fillers stay on average 8-12 years, while nasolabials stay for 1-1.5 years. Repeated applications prolong the permanence period.

4- Is there any harm to the filler body?

Since it is already a substance in our body, it is not harmful. The possibility of allergies is extremely low.

5- How is the filling applied?

Fillers are applied with a needle. The application is extremely simple. Before the application, numbing cream is applied to the area, it is not a very painful procedure.

6- Will there be redness on the skin after filling?

After the procedure, your skin will not have any problems, you can return to your daily life immediately.

7- Is the filling visible from the outside?

If the person wants it to be natural, the dose can be adjusted accordingly, so it cannot be understood from the outside.

8- How does the filling work?

It acts by providing fullness to the area where it is applied on the face. Due to the water holding feature of hyaluronic acid, both the volume effect of the filler and the water retention effect will fill the area.

9- Is the result immediately visible in the filling?

You can see the result immediately. Since the fullness effect appears immediately, you can apply as much as you want to the area you want with the mirror in your hand.

10- Which filling product is good?

FDA-approved fillers are all good. Fillers without FDA approval are not safe.