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Fallen hair comes back to life with prp

With the arrival of the autumn season, rapid loss of hair strands, sudden and intense shedding can be seen. This situation, which can be very annoying, is a problem caused by our biological internal rhythm that responds to the outside world. PRP application has become the most popular method for the treatment of seasonal hair loss as well as genetic loss. PRP, that is, in the treatment of platelet rich plasma; Your own blood, enriched with coagulation (platelet) cells, is injected back into the scalp.

Every coagulation cell circulating in the blood is the source of many molecules and growth factors involved in wound healing. These factors are also used in hair treatment with PRP.

In this application, approximately 10 ml of blood is taken from the person with hair loss into a specially prepared PRP tube. By allowing this tube to rotate rapidly in the centrifuge, the platelet cells in the blood are separated from the other elements of the blood. Thus, in our normal circulating blood, 200-400 thousand platelet cells per milliliter are found as 1-1.5 million platelets in concentrated plasma. The prepared liquid PRP is given to the scalp as point injections with very thin special needle tips.

Thanks to the growth factors released from the cells by the PRP given to the tissue, tissue healing begins, capillary formation is triggered, and the rejuvenation process begins. The nutrition of the hair follicles improves. By stimulating weak hair follicles, PRP strengthens thinned, unclear hair, thickens all hair, and makes it look shiny and lively. PRP is very effective on hair follicles. In almost every patient, shedding decreases significantly in the first 10 days, existing hair strands become thicker, and new hair growth becomes visible in the first month. The areas that appear empty on the scalp begin to fill. Good results are obtained in both male and female patients. It is also applied as a supportive treatment after hair transplantation.

The process takes 20 minutes. PRP is applied 3-4 times a month. After PRP applied to the hair, needle marks, bleeding or crusting are not seen. All patients can return to their social lives without any problems immediately after the procedure. No pain or itching. In PRP application, the blood applied to the person in the process is his own blood. Therefore, there is no risk of side effects, allergies or transmission of an infectious disease such as hepatitis.

PRP, which is a very important part of aesthetic medicine applications, almost always gives satisfactory results. Good condition caught lasts an average of 1-2 years. In fact, the healing effect of PRP does not completely disappear at the end of this period. If the person is supported with proper hair care, the effect lasts for years. However, the ideal is to support the permanence of the effect with at least one session of maintenance PRP per year.