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Face-lip augmentation

It is now very practical to give the desired shape to the lips with hyaluronic acid gels, the effects of which are known for a long time and have almost no side effects and are frequently used in various treatments, with the desire for full lips, which is among the latest trends among women, and the health and aesthetics industry intensifying its interest in the subject. and it is easy.

In addition, hyaluronic acid is widely used in deep wrinkles and collapses on the face.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is the main building material of connective tissue in our body. The vitality, brightness, moisture, color and firmness of the skin are the effects of hyaluronic acid. The presence of high amounts of hyaluronic acid in baby skin is a good example for understanding the subject.

Scope of application

lip plumping,

lip contouring,

lip shaping,

brow lines,

nose lip fold,

forehead lines,

crow’s feet,

fine lines,

neck lines,

Filling the collapses between the lip and the chin,

The back of the hand.

Application time

Average 15-30 minutes.


Applications are made with cream anesthesia. Block anesthesia is applied only in lip applications. There is swelling that lasts for 24 hours after lip applications. The redness and swelling developed in other areas after the application resolves in 1-2 hours.