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Face and lip fillers

Filling aesthetics, which are made by injecting fillers under the skin, are substances used to remove fine and deep wrinkles on the skin, to treat scars, to eliminate pits in the skin, to thicken thin lips, and to give fullness to the cheeks. After the filler injection treatment, a younger appearance is achieved in a short time. With filler aesthetics, the tired expression on the face is removed.

Over the years, wrinkles and sagging occur due to the decrease of elastic fiber, collagen fiber, fat layer and hyaluronic acid in the skin. Wrinkles and sagging occur especially in the eyes, mouth, chin, neck, nose and forehead. Filling injection can be used successfully in sagging and wrinkles in the lower parts of the face.

Filler injection is applied to the lip to provide a fuller and younger appearance. It can also be used to remove deep scars and acne scars on the skin.

Filling injection is done under the wrinkle or skin defect in order to eliminate the collapse of the skin. Wrinkles and pits in this area decrease or disappear with the effect of the filler. Sometimes the filler can have an effect that increases the production of collagen.

Hyaluronic acid is the most popular, effective and currently the safest filling material in the world. The risk of allergies and skin hardening is very low.

After the application, the person can return to his routine activities immediately. Although the duration of permanence varies from person to person, it is about 6-9 months. The amount of filling material to be used varies according to the extent of the area that needs filling and the defect in the tissue. Pricing will also need to be determined by the amount of filling material used.

Which areas can be treated with filler injection and what is its purpose?

forehead lines

Lines between eyebrows

Wrinkles around the mouth

Nasolabial lines (Fracture descending from the wings of the nose to the corners of the lips)

Wrinkles extending from the corner of the mouth to the chin

shape the eyebrow

Define cheekbones

Emphasizing the lip shape and increasing its volume, correction of asymmetrical lips are the main areas of use.

What should I pay attention to after face filling?

There is nothing you need to pay attention to, except to avoid extreme heat (sunbathing, solarium) and cold for a few days after treatment.

What are the side effects of facial fillers?

The risk of side effects is low in fillers containing hyaluronic acid. Temporary swelling, redness, bruising and tenderness may be observed in the application area. Rarely, cases with allergic reactions and granulomas, ie temporary or permanent tissue lumps, have been reported, especially in the use of synthetic materials.