Eye Contour Darkness

Darkness around the eyes; It is frequently encountered as an aesthetic problem in both young and old individuals. It is more common in dark skin types such as skin type 4,5,6. Although it can be seen in men, it causes greater aesthetic concerns in women.

So What Are the Causes of Darkness Around the Eyes?

Apart from genetic reasons, it is actually multifactorial. Volume losses (especially with age), thin and loose skin, presence of prominent vascular structures, herniation of the orbital fat tissue, and the presence of allergic diseases can be listed as the causes. These causes can occur alone or together.

In Which Region Is It Most Common?

Although the lower eyelid area is most commonly affected, it can be observed in all adjacent areas of the eye.

!!!It should not be forgotten that; All these treatment approaches definitely vary according to the individual’s skin structure, age, diseases, drugs used and skin type.