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Expectations from cosmetic procedures

As the number of incompetent people dealing with aesthetic interventions increases, unfortunately, unrealistic promises that do not match the results of these interventions also increase. This situation causes the patients to be unhappy, and the methods and technology used do not find the reputation they deserve in the press and social media. Patients should be skeptical of promises that are too good to be true. In addition, sometimes the expectations of patients are far beyond the results that can be achieved with the relevant intervention. Therefore, it is useful to make sure that you have discussed all the details with your doctor who will perform the application.

Let’s talk about the main examples that can be examined under this heading.

More than one method is almost always required for a more youthful skin appearance. There is no miraculous device or technology that will fully meet all your needs. Therefore, caution should be exercised in the face of far-fetched commercial promises.

One of the most demanded applications is laser hair removal. It would be useful to shed some light on this. No laser device available today can remove all hairs. Although it varies according to the body area, you can expect a reduction of up to 80% in your hair after an average of 8 sessions of treatment. There are many personal factors that affect the number of application sessions and the success rate. Even after a ‘successful’ treatment, annual regional repeat applications may be needed.

Another issue is dermal fillers. With a single injector of hyaluronic acid filler (approximately 1 ml), it is not possible to achieve a very significant increase in volume on your face. Although pricing is made over an injector with the concern of the consumption cost reflected to the patient, up to 4-8 ml may be needed in cases with severe volume loss. For this reason, it is inevitable for some patients to have complaints that no results can be obtained or that the used filler melts within days.

With botulinum toxin (Botox and Dysport) applications, the wrinkles formed when the mimic muscles contract are successfully eliminated, but the deep grooves that exist during the resting of the muscles cannot be completely eliminated with a single toxin application. While more significant improvement can be achieved with repeated applications, in some cases, energy-based applications such as dermal filler applications or fractional laser may be required.

Although Ultherapy (HIFU) application is a very effective face lift method with a high safety profile, does not negatively affect the person socially and can be applied in the office environment in a very short time (about one hour), the results to be obtained cannot be compared with the surgical method. Better results can be obtained with repeated applications at regular intervals in patients who are absolutely against surgical intervention.

It is not possible to completely eliminate facial scars after severe acne. Here, it would be more realistic to talk about reducing salience. There is not a single miraculous device or method to shallow facial pits, reduce puffiness, erase red or brown spots; each condition (hence each patient) must be treated with the right combination of different modalities, ie the treatment must be ‘personalized’.

It is useful to repeat the negative effects of smoking. Blood supply of the skin, wound healing, stimulation of collagen production and elasticity of the skin are adversely affected by cigarette consumption. Recognize that your skin will age faster if you smoke.

It is unrealistic for a person who has not had any cosmetic intervention until the age of 60 to expect miracles with only Botox and 1-2 injector fillers. It is obvious that more than one method and repetitive applications will be required in such a patient in order to return the traces of time.

Technological developments are very promising for more promising results. In conclusion, it should be said that; The correct application address in this regard is your Dermatology or Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery specialist, who constantly renews his knowledge and skills. I wish you healthy days.