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Everyone from 7 to 70 should use sunscreen

Products called SPF (Sun protection factor) extend the time we can be protected against sun damage. The higher factor SPF you use, the longer the protection period. However, most of these products run off with water. Therefore, if you get wet due to sweating or immersion in water, you will need to reapply protective protection. If you’re going to be outside all day, you can only protect yourself by applying an SPF of 45 or 60. Keep in mind, using SPF does not prevent you from wearing make-up. However, your skin colored by make-up may cause staining under the intense sun (especially blush) as it will attract more light.

Everyone, old and young, is at risk from the sun. Protective should be applied to babies from 6 months of age. Young people and children under the age of 18 have a very high risk of cancer due to the effects of the sun. Because at this age, the skin is thin and sensitive. They also do not know how to protect themselves. They do not notice the time they spend in the sun, whether they are playing games or walking outside. After the age of 18, the passion for tanning makes us forget all kinds of precautions. Whereas, sunscreens are more important than even the best wrinkle cream.

Tanning products and SPF products are opposites:
Many people confuse tanning creams with protective creams. It acts as if every oil, every spray, every cream works under the sun. When he finally turns red like a lobster, he is surprised and blames the product he used. However, tanning products and SPF products are completely different from each other. They are even opposites of each other!

§ When the skin is burned without applying anything, the skin absorbs some of the sun’s rays and reflects some of them.
§ When tanning creams are applied, the skin absorbs the sun more and reflects it less. This means that there will be more sun-damaged tanning…
§ Creams with protection factor (SPF), on the other hand, prevent the sun from being absorbed and increase the reflection rate of the rays.

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