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Evaluation of facial aesthetics with a Marquardt face mask

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr. There is a facial aesthetic evaluation system developed by Stephen R. Marquardt. In this system, aesthetic points, angles and lines are not evaluated on the face. There are templates-masks determined according to previously prepared races. These are compared with the front and side photographs of the patient.

The Golden ratio is used in Marquardt aesthetic masks (1:1.618). Marquardt combined two 5-pointed pentagons with a golden ratio and obtained a structure with a 10-pointed golden ratio. This is called the Gold Decagon Matrix.

Inside this, 42 decagons are drawn proportional to the number of Phi [1.618]. Thus, a complex of interlocking decagons is obtained.

When a human face is placed on this complex and some lines and external lines are erased, a Phi mask Face mask is obtained. All subshapes and angles and proportions in this mask are purely Phi related.

There are male and female forms of these masks and variations within different ethnicities.

These masks are placed on the front and side profile pictures with computer photo programs. The harmony of the face with this mask and if there are irregularities, the method to be followed is decided.