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Dry skin of babies

Babies, just like adults, are frequently exposed to dry skin and associated itching. Especially the frequent bathing habit brought by modern life causes mothers to wash their babies every day. Since the baby’s skin is very thin and poor in adipose tissue, when a foaming product comes into contact with it, it dries up and loses its protective oil. It prepares the ground for eczema and skin diseases.

The disappearance of the adipose tissue will bring dryness on the baby’s skin and then itching. Most of the time, mothers who do not realize this situation of the baby and take a bath every day, play their baby for a long time in the water, after a while, apply to the dermatologist with redness, itching and unstoppable blisters.

Without bringing babies to this stage, it is easy to prevent this with very simple life habits to be careful before eczema appears on the skin. Our goal should not be to make children use drugs, but to protect them without getting sick.

The first thing to pay attention to is the baby every day. not to wash.

Many mothers combine baby’s playtime and nap time with bathing pleasure. The baby’s skin is thin and its protective layer is undeveloped Even if it is the most sensitive baby product, foam, soap enters the skin. For this reason, to save time by having the child play with his toy in the tub without first filling it with water, after a while, quickly and with warm water, without filingmust be washed off.

After bath, dry skin when wet body lotion is applied immediately. Some babies don’t like it. It is necessary to familiarize the child with this process by making it like a game.

Baby skin also needs water from the inside, just like we do. Extra for a child with dry skin thisOr it would be good to drink milk.

Sometimes baby oils It can also be applied to the whole body like a lotion. In this case, if the child is driven while in the tub non slipI have to be careful.

If the lotion is not enough, ask the doctor. ointmentforms can also be used.

Ideal baby product Paraben free, odorless and colorlessshould be.