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Don’t let the smell of sweat be your nightmare!

If you can’t get rid of the intolerable odor of sweat under the armpits, hands, feet or other parts of your body despite all the deodorants and personal care products used, you may have “Hyperhidrosis”, that is, excessive sweating problem. With the arrival of the summer months, it is possible to get rid of the complaint of sweating, which increases more with the effect of hot weather!

Excessive sweating negatively affects the social life of the person

Thanks to sweating, which is a natural and physiological phenomenon for the body, the body temperature is balanced and harmful substances are removed from the body. The system responsible for sweating is the “Sympathetic Nervous System”. The problem of excessive sweating, which occurs when the sympathetic nervous system works excessively for an unknown reason and affects the quality of life of the person, is called “hyperhidrosis”. Excessive sweating causes the individual to feel bad in social life and work environment.

Causes of sweating should be investigated before treatment

Weight problems, diabetes, hypo or hyperthyroidism, excessive nicotine use and excessive caffeine intake, menopause and heart diseases, pregnancy, Parkinson’s and some spinal cord diseases, psychiatric and neurological diseases, alcohol withdrawal period and the drugs used should be questioned. In cases where all system inquiries are made and the problem cannot be determined; The cause of excessive sweating is attributed to the structural overworking of the sympathetic nerves.

The First Choice in Treatment is Lotion and Medicines

Lotions containing aluminum chloride or oral anticholinergic drugs can be used for treatment. Lotions containing aluminum chloride are especially preferred as the first choice for increased sweating under the armpits. It is applied to dry skin in the evening and cleaned in the morning. In some cases, irritations may occur. Systemic anticholinergic drugs; Their use is limited because they can cause dry mouth, blurred vision, and urinary problems.

It is possible to prevent sweating with electric current therapy

In the method called iontophoresis, hands and/or feet are placed in a tub with a metal layer. A low intensity electric current is emitted through this metal layer. With this method, the ions created by the electric current close the sweat channels for a certain period of time. The application time of each session is about 20-30 minutes. Initially, it is applied every 3 days, then once a week.

With surgical treatment, the nerves that cause sweating can be burned.

Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy is applied as a surgical treatment, especially in hand and armpit sweating. With this surgical treatment, the sympathetic nerves that cause excessive sweating are cut or removed. Sometimes the sympathetic chain and its branches can be clamped with clips or burned with cautery. Since these nerves have no function other than sweating, the surgery; It does not have effects such as paralysis, loss of sensation, decreased reflexes.

One of the most effective treatment methods of sweating is BOTOX!

Botox provides successful results by treating moderate and intense sweating complaints. Botox prevents the release of a substance called “acetylcholine” at the neuromuscular junction and nerve endings, and thus prevents the sweat gland from secreting. So no sweating! It can be applied to the palms, under the feet, armpits and any area where sweat glands are overworked. Before the procedure, an iodine-starch test is performed to detect excessive sweating areas. No side effects are observed after the procedure. According to the width of the applied area, 80-100 units of toxin are applied. Transaction effectiveness varies between 6 months and 9 months. If the application is repeated at certain periods to be determined by the physician, this period becomes longer.

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